Greetings Brothers

I am excited about sharing the weekend experience. I am at a point in life that elder energy is awakening in my heart. I am a grandfather and a main motivation in my life mission is the 1000 generations of grandchildren that follow us in time and space, here on this lovely planet.

I am grateful to report great success in my journey steps with the Mankind Project. Due to various childhood influences, I had carried terror and disconnecting considerations in my psyche around sex and gender, and have had my selfhood, comfort, and sensibilities twisted up in shadow. Personal pain is a motivator alongside a deep desire to help others. Over many years, slowly, slowly I discovered that the judgements matter not. I was early trained that there was something wrong with the strength of my affection, and that abuse and murder by men in the world would be the result. Surely, as I have noticed, I was not alone in this thwart to self-acceptance. Deep friendship with men who are now warrior brothers gave me support and some peace over the years, but the terror remained until November 2008, when men like us helped a man like me to wrest the painful thing from the gut. All the philosophies and psychologies helped lay a ground of readiness, to be sure. Yet, I do not see anything that can match the trust and acceptance and emergence I have experienced with our brothers in the training, the PIT, and in the I-group.

I have come to see us as cosmic citizens immersed in a planetary experience. We have more than one brain, reptilian, limbic, right and left. We have more than one mind expressing through these brain-transducers, the individual spiritual Self and the personal self or ego. We are choosers, and though the personal mind is apparently devoted to dualizing anything and everything, sometimes going to extremes, there is the possibility of sufficient altitude to see both sides of any divide. As I have chosen to express the individual self as well as I can, and to identify with this that I AM, it has become increasingly possible to release and heal divisions in other parts of mind. This possibility extends to our communal world, and this is what we are about.

So, I greet you as a REBEL. I am a Radiant Energy Being Enjoying Life. I draw reason from science, logic from philosophy and faith from religion. I sing with the choir that surrounds me and dance to the music in my soul. I pray us on, my brothers, and rejoice already with you, forever!


About translucynt
Writer toward a unified notion. Carpenter for things that work. Technician for the intricate things. Lover for the intimate things. Man for all seasons, for various reasons.

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