New Warrior Training for men’s circles

This is the project that changes men’s lives. It has changed my life, and I have a gentle commitment to include MKP in my ministry for the duration of my life. This is men’s work. Men’s work has been held secret for good reason for many years, in many cultures. There is a change coming that allows more transparency in sharing the processes that are employed, but still I will be reticent by agreement in describing particulars. The processes are not strange to a person that has participated in the many offerings by others in the “consciousness movement.” It can be fairly said that the New Warrior Training is a stellar and well-knit series of experiences that traverse separation from the day-to-day world, an ordeal of awareness, and a return with blessing. This takes place in a weekend that runs from Friday evening through Sunday. It has been maturing for decades now and is very successful in its effects. Continuing work in quality of delivery is always ongoing so that each man continues to be supported by current excellence. The NWTA is offered five times a year here in the northwest, and many times around the world.

“Most staff members are volunteers, and because all have experienced the initiation process themselves, they have a compelling sense of male initiation and authentic self-examination. In the final analysis, however, you run your own training through the responses and decisions you make along your journey. The staff serve as your guides and mentors, but you choose your own level of commitment, and you decide how far you will explore the inner terrain of your life, to discover the treasures, and obstacles buried within your self.” []

A word about what the NWTA is not. It is not religious, though spiritual connection is fundamental. All religious backgrounds are welcome. It is not about changing men’s sexual or gender orientation. All cultural expressions are welcome, understanding that each man, these days, is a multi-cultural expression. There have been NWTA gateway events designed for special groups such as persons of color, the deaf, prison inmates, and alternate gender/sex. It is not about separation from or dominance of women. It is about embracing love of self, living in integrity and accountability in family and community with a mission drawn from guided introspection. The initiation of women by women is supported by referral and promotion. It is not about profit for share-holders. This work is accomplished by men helping men and we support financially our own efforts to staff, to learn to be facilitators of the work and to lead the trainings.

The NWTA is a beginning. Having absorbed an experience of the tools and protocols, a man has at least an opening ability to discover and declare his intentions, to live in integrity and to be accountable for what he has chosen as responsibility as an authentic man. He has become aware of his “shadow,” the psychic levels and influences that tend to undo our best intentions if we do not see them. This work can continue in the community groups called Integration Groups or I-groups. It also continues in volunteering for staffing the trainings. My experience of joining and holding a sacred container as an MKP staff member is an unparalleled experience of alert positive intention and effective service in a long life of working with men in various groupings and industries. The leadership track for those who coordinate and lead the trainings is demanding. The men who are welcomed into these ranks are highly reviewed and well prepared for the sacred duties, safety oversight, and management of the experiences that touch the very fire of a man’s life.

“The New Warrior is a man who has confronted this destructive “shadow” form and has achieved hard-won ownership of the highly focused, aggressive energy that empowers and shapes the inner masculine self. Sustained by this new energy, the New Warrior is at once tough and loving, wild and gentle, fierce and tolerant. He lives passionately and compassionately, because he has learned to live his mission with integrity, and without apology. Our intention is twofold. To enable men to live lives of integrity, accountability, and connection to feeling. To be of service to the community at large, both as individual men with a renewed sense of passion and personal responsibility, and as communities of men working together to build sustainable relationships. We foster loving families, strong communities, and productive workplaces in a sustainable environment.” []

My opinion having delved in various men’s work over the years is that the NWTA as devised by The Mankind Project is the very best shared experience from which to continue men’s work in its many forms. To advance the gift of the NWTA, MKPNW has hosted several types of events. Many I-groups are open to visiting men for a taste of the work. There is an open-house event, and also a one-day introductory event. It may be possible, with further consultation, to organize a special event for ongoing groups who desire the structural magic so well practiced by the Mankind project. There is an elder track and community within MKP as well. I am a delegate to the World Elder Gathering in London in a few weeks in which we shall discuss the global thoughts concerning man and the world and the ongoing role of The Mankind Project.