Religion, Politics and Mission

Unfortunately, religion an politics have in common the difficulty of examining intellectual material in the level in which the material resides. These two works describe programmatic responses to the world to organize life. I feel largely the same about political concerns as I do about religion. Usually, there is some attempt to accord with what is perceived as true, and to create systems of understanding and behavior, these systems fall far short of what we find over time is more true. Large paradigms of thought permeate the extensions of civilization effort. Evolution is required. Evolution can have a steady, conscious flow to it, or can have instead the quality of tectonic plates slipping and adjusting, with the resulting quakes and tsunamis.

What has been programmed into religion are thoughts that separate us from the creator, see that one as a punishing and judging one, and threaten us with hell and damnation unless we accord with someone’s interpretation of one book or another. All blessing under these paradigms are conditional. Many categories of persons whose natures are apart from the interpretations have been marginalized and stricken, even to mass murder. In my life, I have noticed this as a partial Native American, a bi-gender individual, one who married a black woman in the 70’s. I consider myself an average example of the diverse experiences most of us bring to tomorrow.

Some of the religious paradigm leaks into politics, as we see with the ongoing debates about birth (abortion), death (with dignity) and what is recognized as a legitimate union between individuals (marriage). We have an economy based on a philosophy of scarcity and reptilian competition. A monetary system that creates debt with every dollar, and expands for banking profit through interest, is enslaving and not sustainable. Draconian efforts have resulted in a Federal Reserve Act and the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which have empowered corporate artificial persons and bonded them to government, all under the reptilian enactment of capitalism. Capitalism taken as a moral philosophy is bankrupt in its origins. Whatever the reptile gets away with is OK. We just make a new law to attempt to guide the dragons behavior.

I believe it is possible to consider the diversity of human thought in a universal way. If I enfold science and mathematics, and philosophies and religious reports, spiritual studies and techniques, engineering and psychology, music and song, If I can enfold in myself the engineer and artist, the mystic and the martyr, and the soldier and the mother, and the grandparent, and so on, I have the possibility of a whole-cloth perception. I call what this requires ‘altitude.’ A more inclusive view from altitude allows the greater fabric of politics and religion and economies to fall into a tapestry from which patterns of activity and development can be noticed.

What goes unnoticed at large is the work of evil thought (contrary to life) that has the smarts to use all knowledge of psychology for marketing, Despite the conspiracy to control the planet through its monetary and economic systems, and to facilitate this through warfare and miscreant attitudes, we have had a measure of individual peace, for those of us lucky enough to be OK in our modern lives. I believe it is fair to say that the emergent human paradigm is one of inclusion, of diversity, and of sharing. It is fair to say we are creatures whose home is a spiritual home, and we are striving in a physical experience. How we actualize our understanding of this will eventually drive the practical affairs of religion and politics. I see a wave of awareness running about the globe. It is not  avoidable to feel at least somewhat dissatisfied with the observance of how we humans have organized ourselves, and police ourselves. It appears to me sometimes that there is so much that is upside-down and backwards, that that which is forward and upright is an unwanted anomaly.

This is to say that thoughts are things. We can own them, or they can ride roughshod over us. I say this for the matter of managing my personal mind, and I say this for the management of the human experience. Perhaps it is best to avoid discussion of the complexities of religion and politics in sacred circles. I suggest that another approach is to hold forth on ever more inclusive understanding and conscious creation along the lines of the more complete and universal paradigm of our grandchildren. I would continue to dispatch thoughts from my personal mind which have limited my expression and celebration of my individuality, to hold for myself a mission of unfoldment in alignment with what I would consciously create. This mission touches the world as a pebble in a pond. We are many pebbles.


About translucynt
Writer toward a unified notion. Carpenter for things that work. Technician for the intricate things. Lover for the intimate things. Man for all seasons, for various reasons.

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