I may have a different view on the multi-cultural idea:


The current discussion seems to me structural, and related to money, position, and power. The word ‘privilege’ is wrapped around access and use of resources, whether and how other sorts are included. It seems to have something to do with the freedom of choice with resources can be managed or assigned. Sometimes, the choices of one group may affect the experience of another group on the earth.


To appreciate life on Earth in a multi-cultural way, it may be an effort to sample and enjoy different cuisines and style of dress, and maybe a sense of history, religion, art and industry of various regions of the planet, or of the city, or the neighborhood. The flow of time and movement of populations and the experience of such populations moving and flowing through time leads to a melting together and interpenetration of many layers and dimensions. it can be maddening to attempt to discriminate in these days the mixing of the affects of human experience in the living of life of an individual, a family, a clan, a people.


It is great to get to know people better, to get a grip or a clue about the story of man, family, clan. Each of us is a rich presentation of many layers and dimensions and layers of such affects of forebears. Some of us grow up in a defined culture, with some congruence of the choices of previous generations. Some of us come up in a melting-pot experience, carrying only fragments of ancient cultural choice and dimension.


Interpenetrating are the threads of commonality between all groups. How are females treated relative to males? How important and what care is given to elder members? How are the children raised? does everyone have the benefit of reading and schooling? Is religion severely imposed as the guiding poetry? Are other religions and ideas welcome? Are the boundaries of culture exclusive of all others? Are the gender types that are off-polarity honored or destroyed?


I am tending to take a universal view, as if I were (I am) a Citizen of the Universe. One stream of thought that drove me to a greater inclusive level is the idea of holocaust. I do not happen to be Jewish, but I honor the memory of suffering imposed upon many persons of that tribal origin in the last century alone. I am in part Native American, and have absorbed the emotional impact of the Europeans on the indigenous folks in the new world, a complete theft and destruction of cultures across a hemisphere. I married a black woman and have a lovely daughter of that bonding, and have direct experience of denial of rental relationship and services due to mixed race and the  story of enslavement. I include both gender roles in my fluid gender identity, and have long felt the brutal attitudes toward abandoning the dualism. The interpenetration of story and the issues of story makes me reach higher altitude and look anew from a greater focal length.


The unifying theme to me as I consider multi-culturalism is a willingness to accept all others with a sense of That Which Matters Most. It is a theme, usually without mention, that runs through my experience in The Mankind Project. Men come forward to generate value in a give-away cooperation in a sacred container holding the living fire for the brothers. This practice that I am calling a reverence for That Which Matters Most is something I sense and celebrate at every gathering of brothers and also in my general community. I have a vision of a source of all life, and the fabric of universe, galaxy, star system, planet and the very bits of star-stuff from which all is made. Within this fabric, I choose to be adequately sensitive and aware to the path of the threads of another man’s life through the intricate universe which we share. I choose to be aware, given some focal length, of the contribution of my own threads to my perception and my judgements. I notice that persons tend to group themselves by differences of skin color, gender and sexuality, mental disciplines, social status, discretionary funding, conviction to established thought systems, independence of thought, and so on. So I carry a banner of reverence for the unifying theme, that I can ever invite those with whom I speak to reflect with me on life, the universe, and everything.


Also, we experience the Nothing. The temporary world of time and space, matter, bodies, suffering and the little joys. I vision a new world of sharing and right living conditions for all. One of the divisions of mind in our era is that of Will to Power contrasted with the Power of Love. I can see well the covert play of the reptilian brain in so-called economy and commerce, profit and wealth aggregation without regard at all to That Which Matters Most as I see it. Sadly, it is not yet popular to notice the lizard behind the curtain, pulling the levers of a financial system that has become completely uncoupled from  the sustainable use of resources and technology in service to everyone.


I will not respect the protective scattering of egg-shells too much around the warrior work. I will invite each one to the hall of the King in universal citizenship and  to the reverential fire of Truth under the sky of That Which Matters Most. In my judgement, arriving at a new approach to monetary management will demolish many differences of privilege in favor of creative cultural diversity, the safety and enjoyment of future generations, even to the survival of our human species, that we sing out our joyful song in the cosmos a while.


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Writer toward a unified notion. Carpenter for things that work. Technician for the intricate things. Lover for the intimate things. Man for all seasons, for various reasons.

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