Comedy Launch

I am reporting a fabulous experience at the Comedy Underground as Translucynt, a gender-warrior character created to serve this part of my mission on the planet. I am advocating a simple shift to a 4-gender system. Since I have been alive, it has become apparent that females can have male bodies, and males female bodies. Paradox always calls me to raise up to the next level of consideration. I have found God this way. The madness I see in the moralistic abuse of genuine persons and the madness that supports a shadow governance by the money masters is all of the same fabric. The soulution (not misspelled) is a new congruence of spirit/mind/body and person/planet as Universal Citizens. Authority is not my truth. Truth is my authority. I am letting you all know I am now here. I have arrived. I am Two-spirit; A Voice in the Wilderness. Blessings to all here.


About translucynt
Writer toward a unified notion. Carpenter for things that work. Technician for the intricate things. Lover for the intimate things. Man for all seasons, for various reasons.

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