Ember Dawn is married

I still have weepy moments, as the emotional markers of this wonderful event settle in.

My daughter Ember and a wonderful man named John, both teachers in the Bay area, joined in marriage. I was asked to provide the words for the ring ceremony. The rings were thus blessed and passed around the 120 attendees as the ceremony proceeded under a grand oak tree. A little girl tracked the rings through the seated assembly and returned them for the exchange of rings.

I send this to you as an extension of the huge love in me funded exponentially by my recent days. I include you in the village of radiant hearts in my life. I am so grateful for your presence in my life!

Ring Ceremony for Ember and John
Given in Philo, California on July 7th 2012

A ring is more than a circle, a line connecting to itself in a theoretical plane with no physical dimension, responding to an equation of relationship, contiguous points concentric by design. Postulating any beginning point, the end point is the very next, behind the direction of beginning.

A ring is properly a torus. The torus is a dynamic shape, essentially a circle projected around an axis, a line of points outside the circle and enclosed by it. This shape is visible in many living systems. This therefore rings true, for the ring and the ringing are substance and sound. The magnetic field of these human forms, and the magnetic field of the earth, and of the planets and stars and galaxies are of this shape. The eyes to see the torus are capable beyond form to the energetic play of creation itself. There is a stabilizing shape to the torus, and a flow along the axis inside to the north pole and around the circumference to the south, eternally recurring and seeking balance. Often, in nature, the entire torus is spinning also, round and round, the cosmic dance. The self balancing systems of the Earth are in evidence, the cycle of circulation from equator to pole and return, the cycle of water from cloud to sea. Ever seeking balance.

Secrety, quietly, the ring, long held a high symbolic shape, and long signifying a bond of marriage, has held the secrets of the universe. Nested in the torus is something Buckminster Fuller noticed and called out, the vector equilibrium. This is a sacred geometry that has been around forever. This is the ring of power. One day soon, the human species will draw its energy requirements directly from a living universe abundant with energy. The ring will show the way. For this couple, bless the happiness and health of each one, and see the splendour of two joined together in harmony.

Today, let these rings signify the eternal return of all to the Source, and beloved determination to share together this segment of time harvesting the light of stars and breathing joy into the Earth. Know the axes of the moment: the East and the South, the West and the North. Above. Below. Within and Without. Celebrate the ancestors and those who are yet to come forth. Bless John and Ember, that the Soul speak through each person, and wisdom light the way. Touch these rings, know the power and beauty of devotion! Bless these totems of this day, this marriage, citizens of the universe!

Gregory Kelley, CougarDogHunting
Proud Father of the Bride