One People’s Public Trust

I write this in mission and duty to all. Humbly, and in all sincerity, I beg your attention. I will not follow up or mail again to this list of good folks. This announcement may be quoted without edit. Bless all here!

Problem: Humans are being forced and marketed into a death spiral of debt

Solution: The debt structure of corporate America is illegal and there is a solution to your/our debt problem.

Opportunity: Join a growing movement called One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) to learn how we can solve this fraud on America.

Action: I’ve enclosed links to videos and other resources to describe the problems and solutions affect all of us.

The One People’s Public Trust

The matter described here is SO VERY NOT TRIVIAL! One could say the process completed by the One People’s Public Trust is comparable to the ring of power cast into the fire of Mt. Doom in Tolkien’s tale The Lord of the Rings. IT IS DONE, only recently, and quietly, and properly.

Please hear me! What is oft called “the powers that be” have become the “powers that were”. Their evil intent bypassed the constitutions and effected slavery systems upon the people by use of COMMERCE. Yes, all the many and detailed maneuverings of power and finance and government takeover has been done IN COMMERCE.

What has taken place in the action of OPPT is a complete reset of the commercial system in law international, universal and the Uniform Commercial Code. This reset involves going to PRIME and establishing the relation of creator and the states of Being of humans and the Earth herself. There is no government or principality or any agency which stands between the creator and the states of Being. All the resources of the planet belong to all the people!

Without narrating overmuch, I am trusting that your attention is called to this process. The OPPT is a matter of FACT in law. It is not refuted and is irrefutable. This is a done deal, by bondservants of the OPPT and for the peoples and the earth of their habitation.

Those parties named having been calling themselves our creditors have been transformed to debtors by the action and have been foreclosed upon. This process also has created an actionable tree of interrelated documents in the registry that allow for a lawful, peaceful transition to a new paradigm. It essentially has made real in commerce what had been declared in the constituting documents of this nation.

Each state of Being has now the possibility of declaring itself in the registry immediately to be a natural being, under no laws but God’s, free to BE and to DO in respect for the BEing and DOing of all other states of BEing. Eventually, the system will adjust, and the only need for individual registration is to support the individual’s situation, and to declare en-masse the rallying cry. The first duty of each and every one of us is to fearlessly BE FREE!

The public media is corporate and contained. Possibly soon, something resembling journalism may emerge.


The OPPT web site is:

All the documents are available there. Fairly readable english description is found in the Press Releases area. The Orders area includes a Declaration and Order calling for arrests. I suspect the good hearts in the Pentagon will answer this.

These following links offer get-acquainted discussion:

For an overview of world situation, please watch the documentary THRIVE

One People’s Public Trust Presentation Ver 3.2

Conversation with Heather Ann Tucci-Baraf – OPPT trustee
A look at the story of OPPT is shared here. I love what is indicated by Heather: a mind that is multi-dimensional and masterful in determination of meaning, clarity and relevance.

Panel discussion with some favorite internet radio folks

An inadequate filing tutorial (my judgement)

The filing templates:

A more developed disclosure and support of usage is being prepared. My suggestion is to work with a group of colleagues and a friendly attorney to vet the material and reality of OPPT, and to gather the intel to use the OPPT in local jurisdictions and to suit the various needs of the community.

I point out that the earth and her peoples are undergoing a vast world view challenge and a shift multi-dimensionally to a brilliant new paradigm. There is what to do, and nothing to worry about. Learn about ascension, get an image of the Flower of Life as a visual aid for contemplation, love Self, love each other, Love HER whom has carried us patiently these many years, suffering with us the abuses of imprisonment.

Blessings to all!

Gregory Kelley, state of BEing