Wait and See!

There is so much going on here on Earth, and nearby, in 2013.

I am tending to view the mainstream understandings and reports as “alleged”. No longer do I trust the reporting there. The old paradigm is troubled and failing, with hardly a notice in mainstream. A new paradigm is asserted, universal awakening, with hardly a notice in mainstream. The cognitive dissonance I experience between my alternative media investigations and what yet appears resonant on the street is sometimes disconcerting! My soul is ringing rightly and brightly with the new paradigm! What is it? Would it help if more folks were looking into this? understanding this? talking about this?

Mankind’s heritage in the universe. It seems we are about to meet our maker. Yes, there may be considerable dying (the usual embodiment transformation), but the likelihood is that a large portion of the human population on the planet will ascend with Mother Earth. This is a dimensional shift from 3rd to 4th levels of universe dimensions. The maker, it seems, includes us, totally, and the universe is showing up to scientific thinking as fractal, holographic and entirely responsive to consciousness. Elder races standing by to reach back and assist the Mother and her recalcitrant children. Duality persists up the dimensional scale a ways, and not all elder races have a kindly regard for Earth’s children. There is order, however, and cooperation.

This may seem weird, but truly this multi-dimensional shift reflects the esoteric knowledge of generations of mystics and avatars. Now, physics is saying this also. The ancient knowledge of sacred geometry is all about the blueprint for universe creation. How it all works! Elegant and simple. Endlessly creative. It is said 3D was created as a stop for the creation expansion. Maybe this is the densest bottom of the creation barrel. So, beyond the range of my 3D perception, what is out there?

The study of Sumerian records, which are abundantly preserved in clay to this day, we see a fully established society long before speculation on missing links would allow. There is no missing link and never will be. Clearly, the human adventure on this planet was brought forward by elder races for their own purposes. The story goes that there was a world-destroyer event which has been cyclical. The elder races fought a bit with nuclear means, and abandoned us for a time. There are signs of this. DNA was damaged. A descent into hell for the poor humans! Seems some enterprising 4D creatures that have the Light, but not the Love, got the habit going of enslaving races and planets, maintaining a low-vibration frequency that suppresses spiritual evolution, and feeding on this result. This has been part of the human experience, though stealthily hidden behind the veils of 3D consciousness.

So, the misery and suffering of the human trails of tears has been shepherded by self-serving aliens. Yepper. Lock me up now! Are you kidding me? Bears out, this does, in the grand tapestry of things cosmic. Amazing! Yet some how we humans also were complicit in the enslavement process, perhaps more so in modern times. Greed has been a tool of deception! Well, the enslaving forces have been dispatched from causing more harm. The world-killer planet has been diverted this time. By whom? Why?

Surrounded we are, by MANY witnesses to the transition of Earth in her time, now, to her next dimensional experience. The Earth is a living creature, as is our star and the galaxy itself. Every level of fractal holographic creation is imbued with life! This is very special! It is said this planet is unique in all the galaxy in this event. I am thinking how much I enjoy a sense of this time and these events, and offer to share this with others. Not everyone is prepared to step outside the old, safe-feeling, box for a sincere immersion inTruth. No worries. All souls are in caring of a loving universe. The races on 4D and above have awareness and technology that can shepherd stars and planets. The singularities in celestial orbs can serve as gateways for travel across the vastness. Multi-dimensional creatures above a certain level need no artificial technology whatever, and BE, DO, and travel by use of mind alone! Soon, our elder brothers will visit and welcome us to a new experience of reality.

So, here I am, on a living, evolving planet, passing throughout the galactic ecliptic and transforming. Do I really need death and taxes to feel safe? Really? The great books of the religions are stories. Some of the stories and insights are useful, but absolute data is difficult to find in these stories. Looks to me as if the entire schema of spin, precession of equinoxes, and all things that make up the astro-theology on which religion is based was programmed into the dance of the spheres. The symbology of the zodiac became part of the control system for the human collective mind. Often, dissidents from control were simply murdered. The moon is artificial. Really! the evidence for this is worth checking out! How very romantic is this? There is abundant evidence for signs of life on Mars and the Moon. NASA has not been very helpful. I have noted that the zodiac and all that it implies in symbol, is exactly special to this star system. I imagine those from other star systems would think me and my piscean nature quaint!

Corporations masquerading as governments! Everything and every person brought into the jurisdiction of commerce! This is how the cabal, smelling of reptile, has perpetrated the control schemas over the modern human collective. This also, is already undone! Some folks, thankfully, seek truth and guide their lives by embracing the souls which they are, and answer the call to serve others. OPPT, the One Peoples Public Trust, brings correction to the founding ideas of society. In my judgement, OPPT has reset the jurisdiction of commerce, Universal Law and Uniform Commercial Code to coherence with the intentions of the American Declaration and Constitution. The evil has been worked in commerce and non-disclosure made the rule of many days. There is no debt! The value of all the planet belongs to all the people! We had been, all of us deceived! The allegory to Tolkien’s Ring story is happily unavoidable. Frodo and Sam have worked heir way to the Doom and the fire has consumed the ring! A number of popular works have been pointing artfully to these times of our lives.

One thing that blows my flexible mind is the idea that the individual and collective conscious mind will evolve to 4D relatively intact, and with the creation opportunity to create a society resonant with the new situation. Look to OPPT as an example of the needed multidimensional thinking! This also suggests that moving dramatically into the new paradigm championed by the OPPT language just might be helpful if accomplished on a grand scale! In society, it is a DNA-level transformative event, un-rebutted and not rebuttable. Grateful for the majesty that has visited earth in this guise!

I recently watched a video in which a sincere man claimed he has rebutted the OPPT. Rather than simply asking the question and inquiring deeply, this man, having accomplished his own legal sovereignty work, went in with triggers and interpreted the language of the papers through what appears to be colorful filters. Reason was abandoned as this man put words on the mouths of others in his monologue and made it appear that these few said what he interpreted that they said. Until this point, I was feeling that the mainstream media needed to wake up and get OPPT before the people. I was becoming willing to energize this by strongly worded letters. Now, this sovereignty insider going sideways has me considering the value of waiting, letting the wave find the shore in its own time. At some point, my letters may be part of the surf.

More appropriate, perhaps, is a thought to reach out to alleged experts and authorities, and offer education about OPPT to lawyers, clerks, bailiffs, sheriffs, and other court personnel. I imagine that the way may be eased for others applying the technology of OPPT, lessening chance of painful ignorance that imposes the old paradigm despite the law as modified by the OPPT filings. I am feeling like the integrity of inquiry might be more that which I prefer, rather than the triggered logic of the nice man mentioned above.

Bottom line. I am feeling that the more folks take in and enjoy the big patterns of our days without fear, without suffering, the better! The big party of coffee, chocolate, and beer. I want to see the smiles and glow on the streets all over the globe! Seriously, as an unhappy child, I stood on a cliff near my home and had thought of abandoning my BEing to gravity. The message I pulled down, in my duress, was “wait and see”. Waiting is until time is full (Heinlein). Now there is SEEing! How many have waited! I am in awe, as I channel the soul that I am in the days that I have.

I am but an egg.


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Writer toward a unified notion. Carpenter for things that work. Technician for the intricate things. Lover for the intimate things. Man for all seasons, for various reasons.

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