The Flying Man

Flying Man


Can’t get it out of my head.

A man who was flying.

Now known to be dead.

Have an outfit like his…

Fluttering breeze,

Spread wide, skydiving

In the morning on another day

When the Towers knelt

To a cabal of brokers

Throwing everything




Cannot get it out of my head

My brother, knowing

the probabilities present

In that instant

On that day.

A warrior choice

Celebrating finality,

Full view of the end

Calling, (I would),

On Superman Powers.

Why not?

Am I not free?


Everything once believed was traveling

With that man

The flying man

Patriot dreams changed that day,

Leaving flag and anthem behind

From this heros journey.


How many times have I cried

For my brothers, male and female, in the field

Thrown away, for profit and power

By a few controllers

Of the money systems,

And everything else thereby.

Innocence and naivete are dead now

Civics lesson in dust,

He came fast to Earth

Showing the way of Truth,

Exiting the lie

At freefall speed.


Thanks to you, brother,

I have a clue of what

It looks like,

Life on the Line…

An instant of holiness!

Help me to forgive!

I know it is the way…

Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart and Guts!

My guts cry out, anguished,

That I wish those who made the buildings kneel

Walk the plank

High up, where you were

When the lie stole your opportunity

For living, BEing, DOing.


You set an example I aim to follow

And wish upon your killers

A choice inevitable

To be free as I AM

In the All and Everything

Just for an instant

Beyond space and time.


Remiiscence on the flying man of 9/11/2001 by Gregory


Stand Down! Stop the Poisoning!

Stand Down!

Stop the Poisoning!

The world is changing rapidly. This is beyond the knowledge of many, if not most humans. What was once called “mainstream media” has become little more than a fire-hose of lies and propaganda, this to a level I consider treasonous. We discover that human conscious thought is very much a creative force. Those that fear the human collective have worked to suppress and deny the conscious evolution of our species. The power of thought with intention can change the course of planets. To deprive the people of knowledge in times of planetary evolution and whatever dangers are involved is truly a crime against the people. I judge that professionals in the news media have an agreement to the People to investigate and represent accurately the truth insofar as possible. Turn off the TV and seek truth directly. There are some good bloggers working hard to support you.

Chem-trails is the term for a geo-engineering process that has been in play for about a decade. There are no benefits from their program that justify the poisoning of the earth and all the biosphere by aluminum and borate, etc. compounds. Damage to the earth is well documented. This program was sponsored by the CIA, and appears to not be under civil control.

If you are a human state-of-BEing that is involved with chem-trails and activities around the aircraft and poison spraying, please consider standing down for the sake of the earth and her peoples! Refuse the order! Quit the job! Boycott the aircraft! Whatever can be done to stop this outrage!

The real agenda of spraying the metal compounds in the atmosphere is to limit the inflow of galactic energies that directly impact, in a good way, the evolution of the earth and humanity. This requires some research to understand. We are in a living universe of organized energy. There are those who, in service to self, organize energy to harvest human outflows. This is not in the best interest of humans, the earth, or the galaxy.

Flouride is a neuro-toxin! The use of it to prevent tooth decay is a sham! Only topical application of fluoride to teeth has any benefit if swallowing can be avoided. Flouride was injected into the water of the internment camps in the the WW2 holocaust. It decreases mental functioning and calcifies the pineal gland, arguably the most important organ for spiritual ascension and skill. The continued use of fluoride in the water supply is allowed only by the collective psychosis induced by the controlling powers (that were). I call on all states of BEing involved with poisoning the fresh waters of the earth and her peoples to Stand Down! Please consider standing down for the sake of the earth and her peoples! Refuse the order! Quit the job! Boycott the aircraft! Whatever can be done to stop this outrage!

HAARP is an acronym for large antenna arrays in several locations on the earth. HAARP and other large arrays generate hugely powerful radiation that can be directed at the atmosphere to control weather and at the earth to affect tectonics, inducing earthquakes. These programs are apparently ‘black’ and also not under civil control. These arrays used technology that is similar to Tesla’s directed energy weapon research. These weapons do only harm and no good. I call on all states of BEing involved with the deployment and use of these systems to stand-down! Please consider standing down for the sake of the earth and her peoples! Refuse the order! Quit the job! Boycott and unplug the thing! Whatever can be done to stop this outrage!

I am an individual sovereign BEing on the earth, eternal essence embodied. I call out these crimes agains the state of BEing called Gaia, Mother Earth, and the state of Beings which are her People. I demand the immediate cessation of all harm of poisoning and energy weapons! Cease and desist! Do this now!

I extend this order as blessing to all states of BEing. I register this in the record. I refute all beliefs that have led to the abuse of Earth and The People. I revoke all agreements that were made wittingly or not, to allow or support harmful belief structures. Please join with me in the Will to Good. Let us do good and end the madness of tyranny.

In service,
Gregory Kelley, eternal essence embodied as state of BEing.