The Flying Man

Flying Man


Can’t get it out of my head.

A man who was flying.

Now known to be dead.

Have an outfit like his…

Fluttering breeze,

Spread wide, skydiving

In the morning on another day

When the Towers knelt

To a cabal of brokers

Throwing everything




Cannot get it out of my head

My brother, knowing

the probabilities present

In that instant

On that day.

A warrior choice

Celebrating finality,

Full view of the end

Calling, (I would),

On Superman Powers.

Why not?

Am I not free?


Everything once believed was traveling

With that man

The flying man

Patriot dreams changed that day,

Leaving flag and anthem behind

From this heros journey.


How many times have I cried

For my brothers, male and female, in the field

Thrown away, for profit and power

By a few controllers

Of the money systems,

And everything else thereby.

Innocence and naivete are dead now

Civics lesson in dust,

He came fast to Earth

Showing the way of Truth,

Exiting the lie

At freefall speed.


Thanks to you, brother,

I have a clue of what

It looks like,

Life on the Line…

An instant of holiness!

Help me to forgive!

I know it is the way…

Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart and Guts!

My guts cry out, anguished,

That I wish those who made the buildings kneel

Walk the plank

High up, where you were

When the lie stole your opportunity

For living, BEing, DOing.


You set an example I aim to follow

And wish upon your killers

A choice inevitable

To be free as I AM

In the All and Everything

Just for an instant

Beyond space and time.


Remiiscence on the flying man of 9/11/2001 by Gregory


About translucynt
Writer toward a unified notion. Carpenter for things that work. Technician for the intricate things. Lover for the intimate things. Man for all seasons, for various reasons.

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