Shift of Ages – A Practical Summary

This a tool for sharing awakening. Consideration of even these few essential remarks will fill libraries. It is written to get a conversation going for those who may be new to a truthful big picture of this wonderful event unfolding now. Included are just a couple links to inquire further, and a some conceptual tools to help host the process in a good way. This is for the grandchildren. Each one of us is truly a grand child of the living universe. It is time to come home.

Shift of Ages – A Practical Summary

The EVENT approaches! Yes, it will happen, because it MUST. Untracked by the mainstream media, the planet is targeted for ongoing programs of ecocide. The people are targeted by ongoing programs of genocide. There is an embargo on truth. If all the various conspiracy theories had arrows pointing to causes, they would point in the direction of rule by dark forces. The truth, as it emerges, reads like science fiction. One could say we are collectively awakening from a horrific science fiction drama. Thousands of years of quarantine and enslavement. The term “darkness” means withholding of information, keeping the human race from its true BEing and divine potentials. It is not the guns of the people that the dark cabal fears. It  is the heart of each man and woman awakened to individual sovereignty and the power of LOVE.

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The TIMING of what is upon the doorstep of individual and collective experience is in a flow of events, rather than any calendar point. Prime Creator itself is the coordinator of this event. My research and tracking indicates, and many agree, that the EVENT is sure for 2015. Simply put, we are in transition to a transformation event, followed by transition into a new reality, and the new society this implies.

The PARADIGM SHIFT now underway is a total world view change. This is a spiritual shift that manifests in the perceivable universe. Spirit and science are the same continuum. Religious stories, (and the various religions are all stories), have some coherence in metaphor to the current events. These stories are part of a mind control schema which includes history and science, that has directed and pressed the incarnate earthlings into compliance with their own enslavement. A little truth in the lie enthralled the sincere. Ascended masters such as Jesus and Budddha are in the truth fabric. Those who have been awakening and studying the many corridors of truth speak of coming out of Plato’s Cave, or exiting the Matrix. The grand game of darkness is revealed. Colleagues in truth choose, in each own fashion, ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THE LIE. It is safer now than before. The empowerment of the dark ones is disconnected. The flurry of craziness on the world stage is a theatre of failure of the dark cabal and its usual strategies.

SEPARATION is the primary idea behind darkness. A useful axiom is this, “Nothing created can leave its source”. The contingency in universe creation that has shown up is not created. It is derivative. Mother Earth agreed to host the playing out of this sad debacle, now ending. If one imagines a line at which separation from creator occurs, the darkness made an exponentially close approach to that line, reaching that limiting boundary at which Prime Creator declares, “Thus far, and no farther”!! Thus, here we are, at the raggedy edge, practicing the presence of a very living universe, on a very living planet, star system, and galaxy soon to be seen in full for the first time. This is a reunion with our Mother. This is a communion with the sacred hearts of all Creator’s children. This is to be the grandest party in the whole of creation. Mother Gaia Sophia ascends. The hosts of heaven are gathered, guiding and supporting this mighty homecoming.

PRUDENT PREPARATION requires me to share this summary with you! In the personal realm, many are yet not awake. The shift as it comes forward is touching every aspect of life on earth. To even have a wisp of a clue about what transpires greatly increases grace and ease through what comes. It is not necessary to hold all the threads and details. It is very helpful to make a choice for the following: LOVE, from which flows SAFETY, FORGIVENESS, and INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY. As we travel together through these days ahead, the deepening of these ideas will make a basket in which to “hold it all together”. An extension of peace through all of family, community, municipal systems, global societies. On the street, some attention to several weeks of basic needs is appropriate. The EVENT is designed to come into daily life with minimal upset to survival systems. Act to assist the peaceful transformation!

The WAR of DARK and LIGHT is millennia old. This is drawing to a conclusion, the only possible conclusion. Liberation of planet Earth, the final ground of the ancient war. For truth and light, many have fallen, murdered along the way. You know some of them. Gratitude is my every day for these unsung heroes and the fierce love which drives the darkness forever from these shores. One might ask, “What sort of intelligence is it that has a planning horizon of thousands of years”? Technology beyond my imagining has been used to threaten, hostage and deceive. Some imperceivable-to-us dimensions near physial reality have ben invaded by harmful practice. Metaphors from fairy tales can actually fit here, for science is magic to the unknowing. One could say the curse is broken!

We all are CITIZENS OF THE UNIVERSE. In this universe, Love is self healing and self feeding. Love always gets greater when given away, right? See the torus geometry nicely presented in the THRIVE documentary. Those species oriented to the separation experiment have not LOVE. Apparently, for discussion, LIGHT is a carrier wave of creation on which all information of everything is ever available. For those investing their BEing into separation, sustenance comes by feeding on others. So, schemas of enslavement in which population is persuaded by deceit to dualize and attack, making abundant negative energy on which these dark ones feed. It is OK to imagine vampires and hungry reptiles when thinking of this. A quarantine was established in which the poor earthlings have been denied connection with the living universe, their DNA (information) broken up and a nefarious veil of deception placed before the living truth. The levels of deception are many, and vastly insidious. As the veils fall, I anticipate with joy the grandeur and colors of the living universe.


Current science reveals the universe as a fractal, holographic projection of living consciousness. SACRED GEOMETRY is an expression of the keys to universe creation. This technology of creation is neutral, (usable by dark or light agendas), within the scope of free-will choice. It is all vibration, physically present in the here and now. FREE ENERGY is a term that points to the drawing of energy from the living universe for practical living. Technologies that end dependence on petroleum and nuclear means to generate usable energy are at hand. Technologies to  heal the person and the planet with vibrational understanding are at hand. Technologies to come into unity and oneness with our dear Earth and star family are at hand. Heaven is a term that points to the multi-dimensional universe of co-creation in which I am a fractal expression of Prime Creator. The means to appreciate the fullness of this truth is at hand. These hands clapping are the applause as the curtain falls, and the fat lady (Gaia) sings.

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GLOBAL FINANCE is to be reset as part of the EVENT. The imposition of control by the dark cabal has been maneuvered largely via the money systems and commercial law. Constitutional governments have been replaced by corporate systems. Constitutions and common law were set aside. The sovereignty of the individual and of nations has been, de facto, demolished by these schemes. A lawful effort has been approved and engaged to correct the malfeasance and treason. Mass arrest of the dark cabal and its minions is in the offing. THE VALUE IS EVER IN THE PEOPLE. One day, money will not be needed. In the meantime, precious metal representation of the value is being released into funding trusts to free the globe from the deceptions of scarcity, poverty and misery. Expect to see a new TRN or Treasury Note to replace the Federal Reserve Note. The global currencies are being reset. Institutions that defraud the people (Federal Reserve, IRS) are to be undone. A debt jubilee is to come at all levels. A distribution to each living adult will assist the OK-ness of humanity and spark a renaissance of great joy.

GOVERNANCE is to replace government (mind-control). Return to republic as established in the original Constitution (and its global equivalents) is to initialize individual sovereignty as it is enjoyed throughout the galaxy. This is  a new practice for most of us dear humans. Common law will prevail, and the mercenary statutory law will end. This is soon! Some learning about this is a good idea. To participate in the Shift of Ages here on the ground, I suggest absorbing the overview strategies at and also The depth of scope and detail for the EVENT is beyond this heads-up.

EARTH CHANGES are indeed underway and coming. We are not alone, as said above, and there is a grand strategy by GAIA and HEAVEN to bring as many of her children through ascension in the physical body as possible, each according to individual sacred contracts. It is said that as part of the EVENT, a “snap” to an octave upgrade in consciousness and awareness is expected. This will likely, in my opinion, mellow the encounter with the darkness story as it has touched human history and culture, our selves, family, ancestors. Some of us have been doing the emotional work of this encounter. After the EVENT, a time of integration and the work of cleaning up the mess. The transformation is expected to be relatively complete by 2017. We then continue to enjoy and establish a grand star nation in this star system. at some point, Gaia is expected to shake her booty, allowing her ascension changes to emerge in physicality. One expects the human populations to have abandoned the adjustments of the waters and coastlines by then.

ASCENSION is a word that attempts to capture the process of moving from, in this case, 3D vibrational reality to 4D and 5D, our new home level, whilst in the physical vehicle. Students and adepts agree that the experience of ascension on this scale and at this time, all at once, is a new realization of universe creation. It is, to me and all who connect with source, a very great privilege to partake of life incarnate with GAIA and our brothers and sisters in this grand affair! The Earth is in relationship with the galaxy and is being flooded with positive love energy. The goddess creatures, the women folk, of the star nations are radiating this event with incredible blessing healing energies. This can be called a RETURN OF THE GODDESS. The radiance has been called a TSUNAMI OF LOVE. It is a good time to release all to ALL, letting go of baggage of the past. Coming into acceptance and forgiveness. I receive, bare feet on She that carries us, heart open to Heaven.

TO BELIEVE IS TO SEE. “Waiting to see” before believing in what is afoot avoids the party for a short time. It is a big ask, and wholesale belief is not sought. A suspension of disbelief, and orientation that allows truth to manifest easily, is suggested. I do, we do, need your help to take these steps before us in as much dignity and grace as we can manage. What is reported here in this summary results from many hours of study and networked reflection with light warriors and light workers. I cry right out loud in the grief of what was, and the joy of what is. Through this writing, I have held the vision. This intent is to essay with coherence an accurate and useful impression. I pray my poetry has drawn your loving attention.

As a conceptual tool, I offer a simple personal/cultural MERKABA (light vehicle) to consider and travel this ascension experience. In manifest reality, I have heart, soul and guts, and have the possibility of conscious unity, individually and collectively. This is the arena of personal living experience. This conceptual tetrahedron is interpenetrated by spirit, mind and body and the oneness of the heavenly realms. A sphere of LOVE perfectly encloses the sacred arrangement. It is energized by the LIGHT of universe information. An emblem of understanding. Holding this emblem may assist the many and the one to ride these rapids in safety, forgiveness, and individual sovereignty. The I AM is sacred practice, not taken lightly. I say “I AM heart, soul, and guts in unity. I AM spirit, mind, and body in oneness. All my levels and dimensions embraced by love. Supported by the light. I AM love. All is ONE”.


As the days flow, thoughts and feelings are likely to become strong, perhaps turbulent. These ideas and visual tools are offered as a means to hold the experience in a blessed way.

This writing is on mission to co-create a world of powerful, gentle harmony, in unity with spirit.
It is a magic seed to be broadcast far and wide.

The beginning is near!

Gregory Kelley
October 2014
All rights reserved

PDF file for download     Shift of Ages – Summary


Too Funny – The Big One

Hello dear ones,

A brother messaged me about installing a generator to be ready for “the big one”.

I asked myself how it is I find reference to “the big one” so very funny. Fall-off-the-chair funny.

The big one used to describe what was perceived as an earthquake that would change everything with massive destruction. A singular event.

In my discovered world of truth, the patterns of ecocide and genocide and enslavement working along at every level of society, simply dwarfs what “the big one” used to mean to me. Though the intricacy of darkness that has been playing out in shadow is very impressive, the wave of love at galactic levels and the liberation of the planet from the darkness is large beyond my imagining!

The dissonance between the old “big one” scenario and what actually transpires brings a moment of raving lunacy! It was a nice release. One can get quite caught up in the large dimensional shift patterns here today.

The games and agendas of the dark ones is no longer working out for them. Internet news investigations reveal the death throes and bad theatre at the demise of the evil empire.

For what comes, I prepare to be unprepared. I judge it is “all good” and the earth changes that bring ocean sloshing will come after the transformation of THE EVENT, so humans will be better able to act with care and compassion.

This meditation by Patricia is just perfect for this hour. I encourage its use and extension