Axis Mundi and ET

To all brothers and sisters in the work

I have been saying for awhile that the above/below and within/without are vital to complete the sovereign system. I have gathered that most integration groups focus mostly on the flat four, so the archetypes lover, magician, warrior, king pop out in a useful way.

I have practiced in the Light and taken my attention into the dark. I have confronted the pain, the compartments, the wrong perceptions and beliefs, whole sets of them. I have released the trauma. I resolve. Integration of shadow bits is so much more effective when one’s unity and oneness are available in the personal cosmology mentioned here. I have learned that this is the way to resurrect trust, which is shattered by trauma.

This work is required to honestly declare sovereignty in fact and in law. The power of the individual sovereign, for which our republic was designed, returns. I remove consent from whence it was assumed from my silence in a world of semantic deception. I cry out the harm I see and I command its end. I conjure up a nova earth, with all my brothers and sisters, all the hosts of Heaven and Earth. One day the mastery of this knowledge will allow the talents and skills of ascended masters to be common among us.

The above, for me, is the Prime Creator.

The below, for me, is the living Gaia Sophia, Mother Earth.

The sphere which is defined by within/without is the essential event boundary of the sovereign individual (or planet, or galaxy).

Axis Mundi within this sphere defines the center point to which true wisdom refers. The ancients also invoke this wheel.

axismundi 2

The sphere and the center translate nicely to the star tetrahedron. In this geometry, my personality level of heart, soul and guts finds its unity. Innate unity. No need to integrate anything to inhabit this. So for me and all humanity together in unity.

The descending tetrahedron interpenetrates the unity and is made of vortexes I call spirit, mind, body and oneness. Between the unity and the oneness is the divine center, the sacred heart. a neutral singularity through which flows all love, acceptance, forgiveness, discernment. The red phone to Prime is resting there, open lines. The green phone to Mother Earth is resting there, open lines.

This star tetrahedron in the sphere is a vital element of sacred geometry, the key of universe creation. Spirituality and true science are the same continuum and evoke the Tree of Life with Reason, a dialogue with BEing. This geometry is called the merkaba or the light body or the rainbow body. It has been the emblem and goal of ascending masters for millenia.


It has been possible to work dark majicks with geometries. No more. Only love applied to these spiritual technologies forevermore. The suffering of humanity has been worked in the dark by something that now is ending. I leave you with this:

It is the most common thing in the universe to be ET. If you have the memory or the possibility of seeing the night sky clearly, all that up there is ET.

What is truly special is to be a child of this amazing celestial being Mother Gaia Sophia whose body is this planet.

axismundi 3 tree

The anomaly that attempted to live without Love is ending now. Gaia threw herself wholeheartedly into protection and endurance of the long suffering behind the veil of quarantine.

Gaia is champion. I just know that we all threw down with her in service to Heaven.

The suffering of the ages is the experience of heroes. Now, we come out from the long walk in the valley of death. Well done, my friends!

Welcome home! All of ET awaits the stories at the campfire and in the song of the great halls.

Gregory Kelley


About translucynt
Writer toward a unified notion. Carpenter for things that work. Technician for the intricate things. Lover for the intimate things. Man for all seasons, for various reasons.

2 Responses to Axis Mundi and ET

  1. Reblogged this on beliefsystemsgrowthsupport and commented:
    Keep these words / ideas / concepts uppermost in your mind/body/soul/spirit for the good of all beings and substances.


  2. Thanks, Greg, for keeping this alive and all of us alert, who are turned on and tuned in to the whole creation of which we are an integral part.


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