2018 Happy Birthday

I celebrate our existence with this humble modeling of an ordinary professional human BEing becoming a perfectly ordinary professional human BEing. I declare:


On the occasion of tomorrow, my 67th year on this crazy planet, I am no longer The Crazyfuck. I am The Holy Fuck, having graduated from paranoid schizophrenia to Self that includes the wHole Fuck. THF is a service organization. Anyone may join. As we encounter the mind-blowing, and possibly heart-breaking, but also radiantly expanding Shift of Ages, one makes the double face-palm, sincerely inquires, “Holy Fuck, are you kidding me?” In a moment or two, my experience is, belly laugh comes. Sometimes a rattle and a shake. Feels better! Whoa.

So, learn something about the shift of ages. Get to the photon lounge with Prime Creator and Mother Earth and roll on the floor laughing! We are family. WE need each other. In this awakening, some bad and ugly are revealed. It is worse than any sane mind can think. The universe is electric. Gravity requires Levity. The great battle of the Light to correct the anomaly of a perverse darkness is drawing to resolution.

Under Prime Creator, I AM eternal essence embodied as a State of BEing. My feet gratefully walk the body of the celestial State of BEing, this Earth. Return of Goddess is a return of Reason, the dialogue with BEing. I refute and revoke any and all consent assumed by my knowing or unknowing silence in this world environment clearly obfuscated by deceiving principalities.

My sovereign BEing is refreshed in the Medicine Wheel, the Rays of the Twin-flame Elohim, and an ascension team that perfectly know my next steps. I remember my Heart, Soul and Guts in Unity. I remember my Spirit, Mind, Body in Oneness. I remember Sacred Heart of me defined in this star tetrahedron, the Light-Body. I remember the sacred Heart of me and the Child Light within. I remember that little place in here that all Life knows, and Drunvalo, and Bombadil. I remember the Clan.

Now, at the turn of the tide, I come to my Self and all my creations and relations. The sovereign sphere event horizon between inside and outside joins Heaven and Earth. The electric column of Light that is my connection to All is healed and sealed, clear and cleansed. Trusting in the Consciousness of All, I have no need to trust persons. I can act in good heart, as I come in the Light and Love as one in the One Infinite Creator.

Blue emptying into White removes the darkness from our plight. Violet Ray transmutes our days to amazing living universe, from sadness and delusion. Happy Birthday everyone! Blue skies. All harms be quelled and undone…

I AM The Kell.
Holy Fuck! Are you kidding me?

Citizen of Universe