Leaving AT&T

Leaving AT&T

Many, perhaps especially senior citizens, are choosing more affordable service providers. This commentary is regarding a single individual mobile account with one device connected. When purchasing a phone, one gets an account with the provider. Be aware that the service account to the device connected, via a SIM card, is line service only, not the device connection. If you change providers, unlock the phone, and get a new phone number, the mobile service account to the old number remains active until you cancel it. The assumption that removing a single device from service closes the service is a false assumption. You will get billed continually for the line until formally canceling the service for the old phone line. ATT does not pro-rate.


As a senior citizen, one expects, and deserves courtesy. Everyone does. It seems to me that the humane and courteous response to someone removing their one phone from the old providers line service would prompt a query as to whether the line service is desired canceled. As it is, I paid my final months bill in good faith, and then ATT billed me again for the continuing month. There is no recourse within ATT. The power of ATT incorporated is now expecting to be paid for service provided to a SIM card in my drawer. ATT expects payment. Now, in addition to my much lower bill from the new provider.


Retrospect sees some logic in closing the account in addition to changing providers. However, ATT expects me to figure this out on my own. I wonder how many seniors and others are billed that extra month(s) until they notice and take action.


If I had multiple devices, each with its own line of service, this requirement for astute business management might be acceptable. When taking a singular device off-line, it seems discourteous and extortive to me that the service not be automatically canceled, or at least called out in a service query. “Would you also like to cancel service to your phone line?” This might have been automatically done if transferring the old ATT number to the new provider, by the way. I chose to have a new number. The meter was still running on the old number, unknown to me.


Unfortunately, for most of us, ATT or other providers ARE the technical support staff for us. I have experienced some emotional stress over this, and feel my technical support staff at ATT let me down. I get that I might have paid attention more deeply and accurately. I am old. This sucks. I thought I made an honorable break from ATT. Now, I have to pay another $60, or let my credit profile suffer as ATT attacks me in the marketplace. I am glad I have left the monster ATT. I expect I will eat my sin of inattention and pay the bill.

AT&T hurts itself. I am liking so far the support and service with Consumer Cellular. I worked the technical settings with voice support and felt pretty good about it. Just didn’t know I was to get ass-slapped as I left the AT&T corral. Heads-up everyone!




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