Bio-energy blockage masquerades as psychological or egoic problems

Common cause of macular degeneration, brain shut-down, adrenal impairment, spasm, social withdrawal

I was quite relieved when I found my personal experience of these symptoms explained in an unexpected place. An opthamologist addresses the Electric Universe Conference of 2017. Dr. Jerry Tennant was unexpectedly drawn into discovery of energy healing via his own recovery from a severe infection from surgical accident. He had been conducting research into the laser surgery widely in use today. Here is the link to this 45 minute concise talk:


What Dr. Tennant discovered, as he reports, working in a 2-hour daily window of working brain, and with some help from other investigators, is the following:


Healing is Voltage. Title of his book.

The bodies energy system, as described by accupuncture meridians, is transmitted to the cells of the tissues via muscle groups that charge up the battery packs of a set of organs and is measurable as PH, or millivolts in the fluid of the body.

A root-canal can be a circuit breaker that blocks the energy flow to the organs supported by the particular organ group in that circuit. The stomach/spleen meridian, if blocked, generates the symptoms in my subject line.

Trauma of various sorts also can block the energy circuit. Emotional trauma is constrictive. Like crimping the hose or narrowing the path. Quite possibly, generational thought-forms can set a pre-condition in the energy field of a child. My folks were good-hearted and dutiful – and from an earlier version of the matrix. Corporal punishment was involved.

One’s will, confidence and competence are severely compromised by cells that have not enough healthy bio-electricity (~ -50 millivolts) to generate new cells. So, the cells age and get cranky. One’s personality is affected. This masquerades as a psychological issue. Loss of dignity is potential. Guilt, shame, fear like the shrapnel from an energy-sucking bomb. Learning and performance compromised. One withdraws, unable to understand or explain. A cur in the corner, or a comedian in the back of the room.

Similarly, the rods and cones of the macula lose vitality and stop replicating. Retina has problems, and medicine cannot reverse the damage.

Low physical energy from thusly compromised adrenals could promote a ‘giving up’ response the the maladies described. Especially when your doctor friends say, “You’re getting old – just live with it.”

Tennant eventually recovered fully after seven years of hardship, and helps many lucky persons. He is said to be particularly helpful with macular degeneraton. I feel inclined to note that a certain someone stood with him through it all. Two gems of humanity.

It is vital to make sure the cells of the body have what they need to regenerate. Iodine is washed out by chlorine and fluorine, but is absolutely needed by the endocrine system. Vitamin B-1, fulvic acid, and zinc are needed for cell health also.


Western medicine has made itself blind to energy awareness. Like me, most of us have no access to paradigms that actually help and heal. The impact of emotions on the vital systems does indicate that spiritual work, visualization, and core-wound healing, combined with proper nourishment for vitality, can get the healing accomplished, eventually. Takes money to be healthy these days. At least, one has reasonable expectancy of positive improvement. I have a notion that my body in this life may never have experienced free and clear wellness – heart, soul, guts – spirit, mind, body.

Dr. Tennant designed a wave-form generator for diagnosing and treatment. He wisely organized his presentment so that he isn’t attacked by the mainstream authorities, financially ruined and cast into jail with the other holistic healers there today. The devices are expensive, but available through this firm:

Senergy Medical Group

biomodulator pro

Current treatment for me is to use inner work to relieve the trauma and affirm the flow of healthy voltage. I supplement my healthy diet with all needed for cell regeneration. I detoxify my body with helpful products like zeolite and Carbon-60. I feel positive progress. It would be helpful to get a shot of milli-volts in the right place. I had a troublesome root-canal tooth extracted. I thoroughly water-floss my mouth daily and then use oregano oil or ionic silver colloid to hold in the mouth for it to absorb directly into the gum tissues. This should ameliorate the chronic micro infections of the dead porous tissue present in a tooth with root canal or leaky crown.


I still am looking for a practitioner with this modulator to refine and verify my self diagnosis and relieve the symptoms. Of course, I have access only to that which is covered by medicare. There are some holistic institutes that take medicare, like Bastyr in Seattle. Eventually, radical dental surgery to prepare for denture appliance might become the plan. ( I have a number of canal teeth and crowns) I also have a couple of severe strikes on my face that re-shaped it. I can still feel it.


So, I am fulfilling the idea that writing this brief might assist someone to orient to a workable solution. I notice there may be other devices that can be used or even bench-built, to support a healing. I point out that my chronic experience of this malady has left me with a near-life experience in which a version of paranoia and schizophrenia would likely be included in clinical analysis.


Much more might be said about my experiences with trauma and adaptations to live by repressing, or  ‘rising above’.  Eventually, trauma and duration of trauma can lead to operational dysfunction socially, professionally. I judge there is possibility here for the veterans. Time to bust open the standards of care!


Stars in the Storm



There is no doubt that encountering the truth in our world brings an encounter with trauma. Ongoing, systemic, enslaving legal manipulation, many levels of intentional mind control, materialistic medicine, incorporated governments and financial systems owned and directed by unseen persons and forces, with hidden agendas. This is trauma weaponized against our generations. Full documentation of harmful programs is available. Beating drums for truth countered by murderous extortion. Human children by the millions yearly taken by the dark and tortured/raped/murdered in ritual sacrifice for adrenochrome.

The point is: these things, sad realities now passing -Thank God! – are being brought up and revealed. To embody the Great, we have a duty to come out of the cave of deception and confusion. Here we have the Good (blessed be) the Bad (devious and totally corrupt) and the Ugly (monstrous effects of weaponized everything). Also, the war of the Light and the Dark is done in the great reaches of the galaxies. This planet is ascending, and all we together with her. The GREAT enfolds each and every. Sentient progression requires consciously to attend and to intend the nearby patterns of creation. I am here, in the Love and light of the One Infinite Creator. Fresh foundation for new steps out of the cave.

Sarah and Deborah make a super clear and grounded presentment in this interview. This is a time for spiritual strength, health focus, and disciplined discernment. I wish you all the very best in 2019, as all this turns around. There is a plan of the One, aligned in universal law and natural law, behind the alliances for good. Ones duty is to LOVE, forgiving, generating safety, freshly encountering individual sovereignty – co-creating society afresh. Heart and Soul and Guts – my three minds in Unity. Spirit and Mind and Body in Oneness. Interlace these tetrahedrons to reveal the sacred heart. Embody this! Ritual is for connection: E, S, W, N, Above, Below, Within, Without. The within/without is the event horizon of individual sovereignty. Authentic within. Congruent to the without. How shall I extend my best self in these days of tribulation? On mission for the Shift of Ages. No apologies. No more time.

I breathe expansion of Love into my sacred heart. I amplify the welcome for angelic ministry and overwhelming Joy. I see you, a radiant star in the storm.


Learn Their Plan – Truth will Bring Trauma & Empowerment, with Deborah Tevares



America, The Beautiful (2018)

Think of the generations of children that have recited the 1913 version, with hearts wide open, soon to be disappointed, one way or another. Blessing BE, for each and every one. It is a truth-telling. It is a conjuring, all together
Calling all hearts!
I have been moved to add a stanza to a favorite patriotic song. See America, The Beautiful (2018) at   I recite it every day with my spiritual regimen. May this be a blessing to all for the Christ-mass of 2018. If so moved, please feel free to recite it for your listening community! As I understand it, the Native American community is holding the sovereignty on the land of our Republic restored, now in factual control, behind the theatre of public affairs. You can see how this new stanza uplifts the resonance of the old song in Truth and includes all the victims, and the champions, on all the trails of tears. Joy to the world!


America, The Beautiful

original by Katherine Lee Bates, 1913
2nd stanza added by Gregory John Kelley, 2018


O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountain majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America! God shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!


O beautiful for native hearts,

Who, greeting souls unknown

Held faith and trust in natural law

While ravaged to the bone.

America! America! Mature in spirit wise!

Discern what evil in our midst

Takes goodness as a guise!


O beautiful for pilgrim feet,

Whose stern impassion’d stress

A thoroughfare for freedom beat

Across the wilderness!

America! America! God mend thine ev’ry flaw,

Confirm thy soul in self­control,

Thy liberty in law!


O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife,

Who more than self their country loved,

And mercy more than life!

America! America! May God thy gold refine

Till all success be nobleness,

And ev’ry gain divine!


O Beautiful for patriot dream

That sees beyond the years

Thine alabaster cities gleam,

Undimmed by human tears!

America! America! God shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!





Response to The Real MlordandGod


Great overview! Berkeley study shows the slump having dumped, in a big way, 100k years or more ago. MrMBB333 refers to this in his first notice of the Hilina danger. Most would agree that folks in the USGS and other government agencies are good folks. They, however are working for a corporation whose masters are not lawful, but private dark agendas. Such agencies are given policies of keeping the people dumb and controlled. Education in our world has been indoctrination and misdirection.

A book, Anna Maria Riezinger AMERICA: SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED describes the treason and insanity in the organization of our country. USGS doesn’t work for a lawful governance, does not work for us, the people. This systemic dark-side infestation is in the sights of patriots hard at work. There is a bigger picture, Bigger Picture, BIGGER PICTURE! If also perusing a book by the late Jim Marrs THE ILLUMINATI: THE SECRET SOCIETY THAT HIJACKED THE WORLD, this comment will round out to a higher view. A thoughtful examination of these two perspectives can illumine (!) the path of work to correct our nation, our world. Something that feeds on misery and profits on chaos has long infiltrated and hijacked control of the human world. Bring peace to these considerations! We are not like them. We live in and by Love. The factions of THEY have little or no Love for Life, for the people or their babies (except for food). Some things are sword-to-neck inspiring, and rightly so. Do the inner work of connectin to source. Let the the sword be that of the Elohim.

Here are links to a couple sources referenced in this video. You may want to check out Michael Salla, articles and YT videos regarding the Hilina Slump and the ownership of the geothermal plant by Rothschild. Would the dark side try to cause such a catastrophe in order to attempt to retain control of the world? Jon Rappoport has out a strong article also. Fracking causes earthquake. We all know this, right? Blessings. Power to the people.

Thank you. Hilina slump-dump. Mainstream media has been run by the infesting evil. There is treason in authorities to deny the entire Pacific Rim the chance to get on knees and pray for Pele to keep her skirt on. 19.5 degrees on a living planet energy geometry. Grand solar minimum lowering magnetic protection and bringing more heat. Venting fissures transverse to slip-face. Swarm of earthquake throughout the zone. Possible blow-up of geothermal technology. Weight redistribution. Good humanitarian sense is to speak truth. Heaven is strongly present for us these days. Sincere requests for assistance are heard! Also, I have seen a report that virtually all the planets are coming around to be on the same side of the star. If the slump were to dump, what more would it need? Peace Pele! Keep your skirt on, babe.

This comment is posted to amplify the unified spiritual response of humanity to take charge of its situation and circumstance. All science and technology flow from cosmology. Current public commentary is limited to deprecated kindergarten science. Attentive intention (prayer, meditation, ritual dance) is the most powerful force, feared by the deceiving occupying old empire. Preventing or alleviating earth-change catastrophe is available to each and every human. Make Mother Earth and Prime Creator proud of us!

All of Heaven is here now. They have come! The deep state and shadow governments, and the invisible dark realms behind their programs, are coming down. Not the time for reaction, but the action of standing whole and free, co-creating our world without the controllers and deceivers. The universe is alive! It is electric! Multi-dimensional! A Love-lineage of benevolent Prime Creator. The artifice of veils is falling. Welcome overwhelming Love. Receive. Generate. Transmit. Take personal safety in ones own sovereign sphere of Light. Now is here. Here is now.

We have attempted to contribute context to the good video above. Let the current eruption be a case in point for global situation and awakening.


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Meditation from Saint Germain

via Meditation from Saint Germain



St. Germain went on to describe the method of Divine transformation:

“By design of nature, our bodies are highly adaptable. Forces of high thinking and frequencies can accelerate this with our intent and voicing the following, clearing our karma, personality defects and negative thought forms and energies:”

“I ask The Divine Cosmic Powers of the Sacred Fires from the Great Central Sun to fill me with unconditional Love and consume all limitations within my world and every mistake I have ever done and clear my soul and bodies (as we have several), with the Mighty Cosmic Violet Flame.”

“I also call upon the Mighty Cosmic Violet Flame to consume all my discordant creations and the discordant creations of others around me. Blaze the Cosmic Violet Flame into every aspect of nature that I have harmed in any way, space, time, level, kingdom, realm or dimension in the past, present, future, in-between and in parallel lives. I ask for the healing of all nature.”

“Mighty I am presence, charge my mind and bodies with Your Mighty Energy, Strength, Courage, Divine Victory and Opulence. Charge every aspect of my being and world with your perfection. Bring this body into your Perfect Symmetry. Charge me with the power of the Cosmic Divine Love so I may safely and firmly move forward into the use of the greater Powers without interruption.”

“Fill me with Your Invincible Solution to every problem in my life. I ask for Sacred Fire Control of myself and everything in my life. I command the Divine Plan fulfilled in my world.”

“Fill me with the Ascended Master Consciousness and lead me to my ascension now.”

“Mighty I Am Presence, be with me this day, walk the earth with me and see that I fulfill my Divine Plan. Hold me in your heart and make me all that you are. I am the heart and the mind of the Mighty I AM.”

“I call forth the Sword of Blue Flame that keeps me cut free forever from all that I have ever sent out in this and all embodiments.”

“I call forth the Triple Archangel Shield to totally surround me and every aspect of my life. I ask for the Archangels Blessing in every aspect of my life.”

“I call forth the Triple Arcturian Shield to completely surround and protect me, my family, and benevolent humans, lifeforms, places, buildings, benevolent technology and businesses and every aspect of our lives in alignment with the Divine Plan.”

“I call forth the most benevolent outcome for all constructive lifeforms and call forth the Violet Flame to completely saturate the Earth.”

“Beloved Mighty I Am Presence and other Benevolent Beings of light, completely surround and protect me, my loved ones, my home, business, car and/or bicycle and everything in my life, with a wall of Blue Flame and the Cosmic Blue Lightning both within my Tube of Light and outside it, so that I cannot be seen, heard, felt or smelt by anything in the dark in any of its forms in any way, space, time, level, kingdom, realm or dimension in the past, present, future, in-between and in parallel lives, as a human being or in other incarnations. I call forth this protection so I can thrive in Divine Light and Love. Blaze a Ring Pass Not of Blue Flame around me for greater protection.”

“I call forth the Mighty Elohim, fill me and the brain of all humans and animals with the Seven-Fold Flame of Cosmic Illumination, seal us in the Star of Gold and Divine Victory, Clothe us in a Mantle of the Sacred Flames and the Crown of the Seven Elohim, fan the Threefold Flame within my heart so that I stand within it.”

“I call forth the Angels of the Sacred Flames to walk with me this day and bring as much Light and Love as possible into my life and all of nature. Bless and heal all the Powers of Nature and the Beings of the Elements.”

“I call forth all the Blessings that my I AM Presence wishes to give me and I ask for the blessings of the Cosmic Beings of Divine Light and Love. For all of this, I send forth the deepest gratitude.”

So Let It Be!

 Courtesy of Winston Shrout, Goldfish Report 124

Practical Light-working

Practical Light-working

This erudite fellow, Jared Rand, came forward with a variety of intelligent perspectives on conference calls regarding the reset of the global financial matrix. He integrates an authentic spiritual viewpoint with insider insights on energy and medical technologies, and the responsible wisdom of wealth for humanitarian missions. He has organized a global conference call, as life-long daily commitment, for participating in the universal cleanup of our society and planet in these ascension times, the shift of ages. It is a 30 minute or so call, clear, direct, concise. I like it and enjoy including this meeting in my daily practice. Now, early May 2018, there are more than 30,000 meditators joining the call. I find it in alignment with my other affirmations and meditations employing the indigenous medicine wheel invocation, archangels and the sacred rays, ascended masters, and so forth. A powerful sharing and effective transmission, to my sensibilities.

Mr. Rand has also supported the special meditations requested by COBRA:

Information: Archives of the recordings expected here.

Hosting the call: Connection is free over the internet, or direct phone call (beware long distance charges)

Time: 3:00 PM Eastern time, 12:00 PM here in Seattle.

Dial-in: 641-715-0857 code: 303471#

Playback: 641-715-3579 code: 303471#

I set my phone alarm to 5 minutes before. I use the freeconferencecallhd app for android for a free dial-in over wifi.

The suite of practices I currently use include the affirmations that came from Saint Germain through Dr. Scott Werner:  here   and a violet flame prayer, brought forward by Winston Shrout: here  Also, some very excellent meditation transmissions by Steve Nobel on his youtube channel: here


Prepare for Change maintains a weekly ascension meditation via a countdown timer and a script recording: script on right panel (down below on cell phone)

Time: 4 PM Sundays GMT/UTC. 9 AM here in Seattle.

Not to be boring, in private, I dance my breath and body along with the words and vocalize with feeling. Healing happens. Sometimes, tears come. Joy at the release of ancient sadness in this old soul.

Geometric note: Often ignored in the invocation of medicine wheel are the directions within/without. This is an event horizon of spherical shape around the center of the here/now axis mundi. This is the individual sovereign sphere. Awareness and strengthening of this sphere is essential for healing and transmission, for safety and conjuring power. Please add this visionary vocabulary for oneself where it is missing in any meditative transmission. This sphere invites the above with Metatron bringing the Christ grid, and the below with Sandalphon bringing the crystalline Earth grid. I call in Zaphkiel and Jophiel to stabilize my sovereign perimeter, and the heliopause extending from this countenance. The sovereign sphere thus invoked and perfected by practice makes way to transfer the visionary vocabulary to the merkaba, star tetrahedron, rainbow body of ascended masters.

Enjoy! And be merry that individual radiance co-creates a world of powerful, gentle harmony in unity with spirit.