Runaway Train!

Runaway Train!

I have just had an experience. I was standing on the platform as a runaway train sped past. My job is to get a note to someone on the train. By hand. A paper note that reads, “STOP THE TRAIN! DANGER AHEAD!

You can see that it is very likely that the train is going to derail, because it is runaway, and the possibility of successfully transmitting this warning are small.

This is what happened this morning, Wednesday May 28th 2014, in the council chamber of Seattle. With the possible exception of Ms. Sawant, the briefing and very limited public input (20 minutes at 2 minutes per speaker), gives the very strong impression that the city and corporate authorities strongly intend to implement the plan for “smart meters” no matter what evidence is at hand demonstrating harm to the people. This is a runaway train.

A documentry entitled TAKE BACK YOUR POWER carefullly advances the evidence of the harm done to living things by radio frequency (RF) transmission in general and particularly regarding these meters. This evidence includes a description of how the so-called safety margins are generated, and how terribly inadequate these are. A considerable effort has been made by activists to put this excellent documentary before the guiding authorities.

In a transparent society that serves the people, it would happen that a documentary of the quality of TBYP would be offered on the City of Seattle web site and an analysis with particulars of how this has been considered noted for the information of all citizens of this realm.

The “smart meter” roll-out is part of a larger plan, based in the false theory that there is global warming and climate change based on energy usage. Those who research acknowledge that the warming of the globe is a solar system event and well out of the carefully constructed box created for the arguments supporting Agenda 21 and such dominance and control efforts as “smart meters”.

The rollout of this technology across the country has been done at the expense of the people, and in denial of unalienable rights. The meters are placed despite homeowner objections and homeowners have been ignored and even jailed by police.

It is known that the peoples money has been invested in the casino called wall street, which requires giving the funds to a branch of the federal reserve bank, and that this is hidden in aggregated reporting of finances is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) at all levels of governments. For-profit corportations have replaced constituted gorvernments at all levels. By keeping secret the actual managment of the peoples money, budget (fictions) discussions are used to manipulate further theft from the people. “Let’s also fry them with RF”, the perpetrators of these crimes seem to be saying.

It is known, documented in law, and temporarily ignored, that the monetary and governing systems of the planet have been hijacked and are broken to an extent that requires a total reset. Not making this up.

These meters are HARMFUL! A permanent moratorium is required. Follow the money, and it will be found that companies manufacturing the meters are in the investment portfolio of the governments overseeing the rollout, and a number of individual players in this game.

Reason has been abandoned. The conventional mode of defining a systemic box and ignoring data and effects outside that box is a harmful practice. Reason is a dialogue with BEing. My individual sovereignty, Prime Creator, and all of this living universe is involved holistically in reason. Logic alone, SEPARATE FROM LIFE, is dangerously inadequate, and ignores the universal law and the practice of workability and doing of no harm. In all the careful arrangement of logical argument and presentation, those who continue to champion “smart meters” have clearly ABANDONED REASON!

The technology and true science that brings usable energy directly from the “vacuum” has been available for many years. This has been suppressed for reasons of power and control which enslave the people and rob the planet of her health. This knowledge and technology is released and begins to sweep the planet in an open-source way that bypasses the deceptive and controlling systems. Hold on to your favorite hat. Things are about to shift in a very large way.

Prepare for change! Many lives have been on the line around the world, in secret often enough, to manage a transition from the madness of the elite-controled society to a returning to republic and the righteous placement of each sovereign individuals standing in a society designed for same. We are almost there.

Keep all safe! Forgive! Practice individual sovereignty by recognizing ones own sacred heart, discerning in wholeness, finding again true reason, and the beauty of BEing while doing no harm to mother earth and her people.

This is what I have to say today.

Gregory Kelley
Seattle WA