Complete World-View Challenge!

Complete World View Challenge

Everything I thought I knew is wrong!

I would say time is passing, that awakening is urgent, that some collaboration in understanding on a mass scale is contributive to the good for all. Time is leaving us! Already, there is the shift, and the escape, sometime soon, from the  trappings of time. What was once considered esoteric or paranormal has become woven into the the fabric of a truth paradigm. The old paradigm, under which the world people have endured enslavement, has become obtuse.

The obtuse paradigm has a dimension of habitual practice. There is an inertia of that blind juggernaut stumbling forward relentlessly. It is mechanical and bloody, smoky and stinky, cries and screams sound from the squeaky joints. This creature of mind control and domination was made by the deception practices, and compliance with these practices, of enslaving forces. The veil has been lifted! The man behind the curtain, pulling the leverages of control has been revealed. That magician himself has veils, and the forces behind them have also been revealed.

In sympathy, I offer that it is hard work to take this world view challenge on. I personally have experienced a sense of deep betrayal. The universe is so very different from that which I was taught. And I mean the universe around a person, the history and story of the human race, the configuration of governments and society, the realms of science and religion, all good things made hidden from the light of common viewing. I wonder how my mind might have exalted in truth, and science aligned with truth, genuine and untrammeled inquiry in all areas. This sympathy must include cultural brutality, the ingrained separation and attack of any and all differences from the programmed participation in the juggernaut paradigm. Suppression of the goddess, the feminine, the female is an example of the unbalanced to extreme situation in a toxically male society.

Outrage follows closely from the feeling of betrayal. I watched as thousands of my countrymen lost their lives in what was, clearly to me, a planned demolition of the WTC buildings and surroundings in 2001. The false flag operation, the problem/reaction/solution gambit, has been played over and over. Conflict has been nurtured. Profits taken from conflict. The costs of suffering ignored. That something has been upside-down and backward has been always palpable to me. That the controlling systems have been secret and dark and successfully accomplishing the enslavement agenda is outrageous. Though there is abundant evidence of hidden evil, the complicity and willful ignorance of the people is best noted in the mirror. In a manner of speaking, the currently available clarified and true history of the human earth people is a mirror for the collective to heal itself and rise up renewed and newly devoted to a truly attainable highest good. So, transforming the outrage of reaction to that of response.

So, I advise self care and community. Ideas are powerful. Emotion is strong in the creation process. Please choose to capture the tapestry of truth with the practical protection of discernment. Please get the lights on in the personal domain of spiritual intuition. Please welcome the practice of forgiveness, for, in the end, this is the core of freedom. In this time of radical change, please let us conspire to ease suffering and gently awaken to this new day!

I feel moved to celebrate mother Earth. Thank you, dear mother, for carrying my race throughout the times of enslavement and darkness. Thank you for constant beauty, constant nurture, and eternal patience. I feel you now in your evolutionary throes. I rejoice with you in these days of arising to the call of the Creators Universe to join in the majesty of universal BEing! I am so very grateful that the benign, service to others oriented elder brothers of we all here are on the scene and assisting this very special event.

The earth-change scenarios of global catastrophe are real. These scenarios include Planet X making its 3600 year visit with earth-shaking consequences. Also there is the solar effects of flares and coronal mass ejections. An energy shift occurs as the beautiful family of spheres making up this solar system dances its trajectory throughout the galactic plane. There is a wave of transformative energy flowing out from galactic center. Pole shifts, tectonic movements, tsunamis and earthquakes. On the human scale, WWIII and atomic devastation, and other martial insanities of the juggernaut paradigm. NONE OF THESE WILL HAPPEN! At least, not at the scale that would destroy everything if, indeed, we were alone in the empty sky.

A very important aspect of life today, here on spaceship Earth, is that WE ARE NOT ALONE! So-called Extra-terrestrial societies, who live outside of 3rd dimension time, have been part, in every bit, of the human earth saga. The origins of our race, the unfolding of the dark enslavement protocols and deception, and the current transition of awakening, have been and are deeply affected by societies of races much older than imagination can conceive. Some of these, clearly are service-to-self oriented and have tested the mettle of all service-to-other oriented species. These have been dispatched from the earth and more places where the enslavement protocols had been implanted and enacted. I imagine that LOVE and LIGHT somehow discriminate for some creatures, and it is possible to be ancient and brilliantly intelligent in Light, without the Love, the Oneness, the empathy for life. Those who diligently hover the current transition have the balance and harmony to host us to a destiny of highest good.

Be mindful, for the enslaving protocols are running still, though the foundations for them have been removed. The corporate entities masquerading as constitutional governments may introduce yet another false flag operation by bringing their own version of ET disclosure as a final act and attempt at deception. This needs to play out. The enslaving forces have had ET technology for transport and energy sources for half a century, and have kept it hidden. Sitting presidents and high officials have been denied access to the black programs, operating on finances stolen from the people. Nothing coming from the presumed authority of government can be trusted. The corporate media is corrupt and nothing resembling journalism is evident from those organizations.

An example, clear to me, are this things called crop circles. These are communications from two of the many hovering races in order to prepare he earthlings for what is happening now, bypassing the control mechanisms of the deceivers. These elegant symbolic presentations depict the core knowledge of sacred geometry and universal energy, the timing and configuration of celestial events, energy technology involving drawing on ever-present abundant source. They have responded to Carl Sagan’s message and let us know directly and are doing this on purpose to help us prepare. Please examine these artful renditions of announcement, invitation, and wisdom. The crop circle phenomena have been treated by the enslaving authority with contempt and ridicule. In my judgement, as an artist, familiarity with these depictions is not to be missed!

I ask not to be believed, but to be taken under advisement. We have now the benefit of the internet and such things as youtube. I have much enjoyed encountering persons who, for lifetime of years, carried out their missions of investigation, research, synergy and explication. Let now these heroes be sung and welcomed to the people in celebration. I have had the privilege in my life to know hundreds of men and women who practice the qualities evoked by initiation. Authenticity, integrity, congruence, ownership of ones thoughts, feelings, and projections, divine empowerment and service to others are these hallmarks. I give now a list of folks for your further discovery with the kudos that I welcome these ones to my circles of counsel.

David Wilcock – a brilliant man with meticulous reference to data and a friendly delivery of a fresh perspective of wisdom and truth. His work on Financial Tyranny and the Source Field are valuable friends to understanding!

Zecharia Sitchin (late) – a scholar of language and archeology reports on origins from the Sumerian evidence, the position and aspect of the gods in this fully developed civilization without precedent. Planet X and early solar system changes are noted. It is by ET genetic manipulation that our race was created. There is considerable reconciliation with scriptural story. His four books are globally respected.

Richard C. Hoagland – a science journalist who’s taken off after the evidence from NASA footage of geometrical structure on Mars and the Moon. He has also been pointing out the denial and recalcitrance of the agency that clearly has denied the people the benefit of the discoveries for which the people have paid.

Graham Hancock – focuses largely on ancient civilizations and the megalithic structures, their actual meaning and age. Graham also delightfully has a gift for the english language in good heart.

Jordan Maxwell – has spent decades meticulously intrigued by the hidden meaning of words and symbols and threads of the occult. This man helps save time, having reached far and deeply so I can catch a clue.

Lloyd Pye – does an excellent rendition of the matter of the missing link – that there is no missing link as dreamed of by Darwin, and never will be.

Steven Greer – a powerful man representing the Disclosure Project, who has been briefing people in powerful positions concerning ETs, UFOs and the cover-up that has haunted the people of many decades. Look for the release soon of the Sirius documentary.

Nassim Haramein – a physicist whose work connects modern physics with ancient wisdom and sacred geometry, incorporates the crop circle messages, and leads us to the opening understanding of a universe that is multi-dimensional, fractal, and holographic.

The Zeitgeist Movement – Peter Joseph and others – documentaries that break through cultural conditioning and suggest workable re-visioning of living with good dharma on a living planet.

Thrive Movement – Foster and Kimberly Gamble – Thrive is a documentary that overviews the situation of deception and control in about as gentle a way that this can be done. They have created an extensive collaborative wiki to help facilitate the needed change.

George Kavassilas – self-proclaimed not a book person or academic, this beautiful natural man speaks wisdom from direct experience. I like George.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – a a gentle mystic who declares not to worry. Specialist in personal use of sacred geometry.

Manly P. Hall (late) – an erudite philosopher who has organized the depths of the occult. I find the audiences of his later years inspiring not only in content, but with a notable facility for extemporaneous oration. A very great gift to hear his speaking.

David Icke – is totally crazy like me – a wellspring of daring research and reporting. A fearless example of authentic engagement by one of the people. Discernment is ever advised. I am a working bloke and would happily raise a glass with this fellow. I find it healthy to be honestly pissed off and rant on the bullshit! For a bit, anyway.

Tolec from Dacote – a private individual using a pseudonym (for good reason!) who is groomed as a contactee for the Andromeda Council, the elder-species governing body that is overseeing the transition of Earth and her people at this momentous time. Alex Collier and Mark Kimmel are also contactees for this group via distinct channels of connection. When so-called paranormal means are behind the knowledge, I prefer multiple paths for veracity.

OPPT – One Peoples Public Trust – a signal work at a level reminiscent of the founders. Quietly, the people have moved to reset the jurisdiction of commerce which was the means on earth to by-pass the good intent of constitutions of the nations. Don’t miss this DNA change for a global economy. It will not be ignored for long. BE free and DO what you will, responsibly, under no laws but the Universe Creator’s. See the evolution of OPPT in closing itself and all trusts, and registering the I-AM and Absolute Value needful for a world without need of money systems.

There are many warriors in this march to the future. This is a beginning, a new beginning. Enjoy the journey!


Universal Citizenship

Men, male and female,

I have been loving the exchange regarding spirit and religion, and think this morning to share some thoughts I have found useful.

We come to a turning time in the evolution of our species and our planet. It would seem to any person that what has gone before has taken a very long time. Yet in the observance of years, decades, centuries, and eons, our advent in the earth is a very thin line indeed. The deployment of consciousness has been rapid in comparison to geological time. There are many mysteries, and the grand mystery of existence. We have addressed these questions in various ways and with various degrees of actual and presumed authority. We as a species have built many golden halls, in thought and in the earth. Shadow also has tailed us and even leapt ahead, railroading collective creativity to various pits of doom, world wars, armageddon dreams. I have grown up in a sad world. The noble striving of the good and seemingly endless reports of war, starvation, and horror have filled my data stream for decades. My generation is the first to have had TV added to radio and movies as the huge data streams we have enjoyed and endured.

Part of the data stream in my life has been the availability of literature and experiences developed from the spiritual and religious traditions around the world over a very long time line. The practice of reason through science and mathematics has been a great blessing with the rigor of thought and requirement to recall the origins of lines of thought; primary assumptions and axioms. Logic has also welled up to assist me in engaging many thought systems in a meaningful way with structural observations of consistency and anomaly. Faith gets us in trouble over and over, for we learn eventually that everyone has 100% faith. What matters is the belief in systems of thoughts. Whether for good or ill outcomes, our feelings and motivations follow the thoughts in which we believe. I have found this to be true individually as a great gift of understanding, for it is possible to release thoughts of blind perception and encompass by choice more congruent and integrated thoughts. It is also true collectively, for our experience in the world is shaped by what we actualize as a people. I believe that there is a symbolic coherence between the thought system of individuals and the collective. The good news is that collective thought can be responsive in a way similar to cultivation of a mature, complete, wholesome individual.

It has been my experience that exposure and investigation of the esoteric technologies and histories is advisable. I have now the great benefit of understanding the mind which I am, and how to cultivate it in a useful and meaningful way. Before Freud and Jung, we could not even speak of such things as soul, psyche, ego, complexes, and so on. Now, there is a flow of insightful renderings which not only assist the understanding, but provide technology for practical effect. It has been said that BELIEF is the most powerful force on the planet. In a world run by the reptilian brain, despots have oft burned libraries and destroyed intellectual classes as a way to control the population. We have the possibility of awakening, en mass, in a volume of persons not before seen on this beautiful and painful blue planet.

The Earth is evolving also. I see this tired old girl as a very dangerous place to live. There is substantial danger geo-physically in tectonic adaptations, the spinning of  a liquid core, and the circulatory patterns of weather. There also is substantial danger astro-physically, for there is dark bits cruising through the same space we traverse with our wonderful living spaceship. To perceive the parameters of any system, I believe most would agree, requires a view-point which can encompass the greater system in which the subject system resides. A  lovely motivator is that we need each other. Caring for each other as shipmates on a cosmic voyage enfolds all the good of all the great teachings. So I dare to make the following assertion for our benefit and entertainment.

I am a citizen of the universe. I have received the blessing of scientific observation and insight that allows me to vision planets, star systems, and galaxies. I have come to believe the universe is alive, and that this is one of many living worlds in which consciousness is expanding. I have come to believe that there is a hierarchy of levels and dimensions beyond the perception of the body’s senses and that there is present help in the organized intelligence that persists outside of our time/space apparent reality. I have come to understand that my mind is split. I have a personal life with a body and an ego, an also a life in the psyche, the soul with which I may learn to identify and to serve. As I take, by practice, a seat in my soul, I am granted a fearlessness that allows the patterning in my person to transform in alignment with my evolving preferences for enlightenment and world service. The practice of faith in my life, as my cosmology evolves, is become my religion. My religion is my own. I am happy to experience overlapping world-views and sensibilities with many others, yet no one person or group is likely to mirror me precisely. Thanks to Spong and others, my Christian vector of connection with the divine has been wrenched away from the controlling despots of the churches. There is, in my world, a Creator. There is a Son, Christians and esoteric masters call Christ, which is a way of claiming the truth of divine extension of the soul of me. What we refer to as the Holy Spirit is a direct vector to Source which comes as an answer to the confusion of the Big Bang and our temporary perception of separation. One glance here to evil is the notion that the creative hierarchy has individuals within it that have the possibility of going adverse to the plan. On more than the physical level, we have the possibility of making new choices in a field of potentials, some of which are true, and some not.

An assertion to remember is that, as I work to heal my own small pains and confusions, some benefit extends to the collective. There are possibilities that such blessing and healing reaches also through time. This potential to serve the world effectively by doing my inner work has been a powerful motivator for me, for I did not and still oft do not, perceive myself as a worthy contributor to the world, my family, my community. So I say to you that religion is personal thing. It reflects how I support myself in my days with the thoughts and tools available to me. My religion spans the shaman and the artist, the scientist and the philosopher, that which suffers, and that which is ever at peace. We have the possibility of object language, understanding that thoughts are but things. We enter into the world through a burning ring of fire to learn to choose, and to choose again, as these thought objects show their patterns on the ground. My teacher is no longer the ego, the past, the convention of idiocy.  I release the addiction to dualism, a sickness healed only by altitude. My teacher is the connection that has been granted me to Source, and what this brings forward in my waking life.

So, I say it is helpful to hold a generic spirituality and ceremonies that remind we persons of our souls and our connection to each other and the divine. It is a way to make a place to exchange the gifts we are and which we bring. It is a pot-latch of many tribes of multi-cultural beings. It is helpful to be grounded in axis mundi. I write to you now from the intersection of these directional vectors. The horizon of mystery is pushed back. I assert with my personal authority my informed will to good. I am a citizen of the universe, devoted to God and Goddess in its expression unfolding through me, and we of good heart.

As I sit here weeping, I dare to imagine I have danced these words well enough to ring a chime of Great Love. Blessing in this Holy Instant, and in the days that come.