The Trail Through the Dark Wood

The Trail Through the Dark Wood
In the Valley of Shadows and Death

The trail of inner descent work may be a long trail. For a traveler, working with a group in the process can be sustaining and rewarding. The value of solo carpet work, alone in the woods, can be magnified geometrically, exponentially, (don’t get carried away…) if the traveler can navigate the  trail, capture and witness the learnings round the campfire, so to speak. Those are some tools I have found useful, or created for myself, along my trail. My sense is that such can anchor and intuitively chart the way. Over all, the idea is to make progress, discover source and action of  wounds, realize wholeness, cross the Wounded River, and get out of the boat!

In sovereignty, I am my own guru, best friend, shaman, spiritual director, caretaker, lover. My simple glance at sovereignty is, as a person, to aim myself (ego: body, pain bodies, intellect, heart) to take the seat of my soul and sit it it. This is the throne of my individual sovereignty, This is where the axes mundi come together in single-pointed wakefulness. [eventually] This is about sharing the journey.

Hot-seating a new group member. The joining traveler gets to meet his fellow travelers in a process that gives the joiner an opportunity to review shadow bits and gold nuggets of which the traveler is aware. The group listens and then has the opportunity to insightfully comment “a shadow I see in you is…” or “some gold I see in you is….”. As a courtesy, these comments are oft spiced with “…that I also see in myself”, which adds to the acknowledgment of projection, upholds safety and recognizes unity. This is a formal way to become acquainted with a new traveler, and the traveler to test openness with the group. This is always compassionate as a process, though fierce attention to protocol and boundary helps establish and maintain good protocol and boundary awareness. Naturally, all declared protocols and boundaries for the group of travelers ha been put before the joiner prior to the request for ongoing connection. One learns about the others present as to how each holds himself, pays attention, regards others, and demonstrates warrior speech. [clear, concise, direct, and truthful]

Brief Life Review. It has been noted over time that people can meet for ritualized descent work for years AND NEVER GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER! This has been found in the main to be sad, especially when a traveler crosses the veil and is visible no more. Fifteen minutes or so for a traveler to tell the tale of the years. Fifteen minutes or so for questions and appreciative comments. I have found that what I choose to bring in, and leave out, of my tale is instructive to my steps on the trail. I am grateful to have been hosted to the joy and tears, the anger and the grief, the leaps and the despair, the love of others shared and sometimes lost. Life is a rich fabric of experience, a tapestry of learning and wisdom when the many threads come together in warp and woof. Each traveler has then, in the group, a resonance chamber of knowing regard, from which the descent work is enriched, insights allowed, trust amplified, results made attainable, comfort and recognition available. Forgiveness becomes understood in practice! Forgiveness is the core of freedom.

Summary Court. I hope always that the inner descent work is continued in absentia from the formal group. I have laughed and cried, writhed and thrashed, danced and shouted, and prayed, raised voice in song in grief and gladness. Me, the musical. All-one in the wood. Fifteen minutes or so, similar to the life review, with the emphasis specifically and with particularity on psychic discovery and the captured learnings, perceived next steps and how I feel about it all. A few minutes for clarifying questions and appreciative (and sometimes additive reminders) complete the process. I thereby make real in witness what I have accomplished in group or in solo descent. I am not lost. I look back and see my path in plain memory. I know I missed a lot of the landscape and ignored some dangers that may have lurked. I move on from where I am, discovering my BEing in the context and contrast.

Declaration for Order. I reach completion on a segment of exploration and discovery. Perhaps I have identified several shadow animals or archetypes. I have created conscious and aware relationship with them, and made a space for them in the lands of my individual sovereignty. This piece feels done, this segment complete for the now. By declaring order and summarizing for myself this truth, I witness a choice to limit the fascination with the material and move on to other areas of interest or concern. I may choose to not continue to go down rabbit holes, especially if my time and energy management are tasked by other things. Descent work becomes ever more a conscious free will choice, and less do I find myself surprised and alone in a prison of my own making, with an immediate need to escape or remember where I put the key, the password, the map. There may be more than a few such declarations along the way, and any chapter may be re-opened at need. Making such a declaration to the group has the aspect of an accountability stretch, witnessing determination and focus.

The Royal Flush. By segment or chapters of segments, This traveler arrives at grand points of achievement. Time to come home, drop the bags, sort the contents, repair and replace, wash the soils of travel and toil from the personal container and its garments. One can arrive with a nicely repaired and fully functional Warrior vehicle; time for a new windscreen and a paint job. One can at long last find the deliciousness of the Lover, bring home the recipe of yummy artfulness. The Magician has matured to a level of mastery in which service to others is humbly and beautifully effective. An authentic sovereign BEing finds itself alone and totally connected to the eternal heart of the Universe Creator. Reduced, in the end, to Love and gladness, fully a vital part of the grandeur of it All. Technology transcended. Speech inadequate. Resting a moment. Quite ready for another adventure. Deck of cards stacked and ready for the game. How lovely it is to see this in fellow travelers! How powerful to resonate with such as we are! Forgiveness, in eternal Truth, the core of freedom. Acknowledge and claim this in its time!

Time is not linear. Space is no constraint. I am but one traveler, one of the people. I resonate healing and awakening throughout out time and space, knowing this good is real and home is here. Throughout all time and space, I love, I forgive all that I am and have been, all that I that I believed was done or not done. The dimensions of my sacred geometry radiate in harmony and grace. Remembering all the faces and places, the sharps and veils, the highs and lows, all plays of dualisms, I set my foot on what once was the distant shore, the haven of arrival in the living grandeur of All That Is. I get out of the boat.

Beach Party. Here I am. Here are you. We are distinct. We are one. We laugh. Recently, I met some Sasquatch on a gravel shore. I was invisible to them as I was saying “I am this tree on which I am sitting” Suddenly, I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud. They all jumped. Someone pooted. We all fell down rolling around laughing. A little one (!) poked me in the nose to see if I was real. They have been waiting for us a long time, tracking with Gaia. Now, She is ascending, big beautiful creature! Nobody laughs as deep and strong as Sasquatch. My heart is bursting.

The technologies of inner descent work are not terribly complex. Awareness of multi dimensions is required in the work containers. Attention to safety and care of personal boundaries is paramount. My favorite delivery systems for these technologies are the initiation trainings and facilitator trainings of The Mankind Project and Inner Yaga. Grateful I am to walk my trail with accomplished fellow travelers and shipmates!


For a single declarative video for today, watch this!

This documentary is a compilation that includes Greg Braden and many others. My resonance tools sing gladly and warmly viewing the contents. The internet is a hothouse including bunk and debunk. I judge my matrix of discernment and veracity is aligned well with reason and truth. Perhaps your hearts will sing also as this plays out. I wish it so.

Please listen…. Please watch this…. I need you guys!

Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotion


False Flags Veiled – Beware!

False Flags Veiled – Beware!

This is a heads-up discussion on something of discernment. As the Earth and her children are in the midst of galactic re-birthing, or ascension, the energy harvesting of the long past is in process of ending. There are, it seems, ongoing intent to dissuade the people from reason and entice as many as respond into continuing to play into the energy harvesting schemas as uninformed, uninitiated slaves.

My authority for speaking into the circle of attention today is that of having achieved simple sovereignty of myself. I identify with the soul, or multi-dimensionality of that which I am. I am not limited by body or ego. I own all that is the inclusions of my experience in the 3D world and beyond. I reserve all rights to my Self as a State of BEing, those of which I am consciously aware, and those of which discovery remains. I will have no presumed authority between my State of BEing and the Universe Creator. I like the language in the various documents of the One Peoples Public Trust. This language is as close as words come to absolute clarity.

The path to sovereignty for this man has included the trail of initiation and practice of authenticity, integrity, accountability, congruence and self awareness as upheld in the Mankind Project (MKP) and Inner YAGA for women, as I have learned these from my sisters. Self-awareness includes this bits of psychic material hidden, suppressed, denied. We refer to this as “shadow”. This shadow material, represented often as thought-forms, archetypes, animal totems become accepted and included in healthy ways, that such subconscious material not project and maintain chaos and unhappiness.

The tools and requirements of sovereignty practice include recognition and ownership of one’s own thoughts and feelings, awareness of projection as substantial contributor to perception, and therefore, the creation of ones reality experience. As a tool, I use the directions of the axis mundi, simply the East, the South, the West, the North, the Above, the Below, the Within, the Without. These directions carry a tone and meaning, a color, a totem and impressions that I assign to them as a way to call myself to be single-pointed in the here and now. I include consciously male and female, masculine and feminine in my acknowledgment of integrity and wholeness. This soul that is my BEing. I elucidate this description briefly to uphold for those attending, the judgements I am about to make. I call simply for the resonance tools within each attendee to support discernment in this matter, nothing more nor less.

The motivation for speaking today is involving the cadres of multi-dimensional races addressing the people of Earth via their contacts among organic humans. Simply put, there is a group that rings true to me, and one that rings of sugary deception. This mans active imagination senses a deplorable possibility that his brothers, male and female, may yet again be seduced into slavery. Recognizing that many instruments play in this symphony of awakening, and Absolute Data may be forthcoming, I accept that my part may be to call this out in service, certain that inviting attention and discernment can do no wrong. I also stand in sympathy for those who, cultivated from childhood, may have unwittingly become tools of the energy harvesters. Without complexity, energy harvesters are those who appear to be not generative in the living universe, and choose to feed on the energy of others in a manner that could be called service-to-self. These have participated for the ages of the Earth, in the suppression and enslavement schemas used to terminate the creation-expansion as the universe creator invites knowledge of itself. We return. Just a matter of fact. Job done. The remaining dualism described here may be am important discretion in these days of ascension.

My “good-guys” are called the Andromedan Council (AC). The main speaker for this group is Tolec. He is verified by several other contactees. He delivers the material provided in a clear, concise, direct and (my judgement) truthful manner. This resonates entirely with the social values and skills I have described above. My resonance tools grant me a warm grateful feeling and a sense of co-working brotherhood. When I put my hand on my heart and ask myself what sort of society I desire to live in, what Tolec describes tones in the happy range.

There is nothing for sale on this site. The Council asserts that it has nothing to do with the group called the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), though it incorporates an older group called the Galactic Federation. It is also asserted in the presented material that the harvesting powers would attempt a false flag disclosure operation  to the people of Earth. I suspect if such disclosure comes announced by governments or the vatican, one would be advised to apply intense scrutiny, as the governing organizations mentioned have been long owned by the deceivers. Such are also currently operating in foreclosure since the OPPT was registered in December 2012. I am just one of the people. I cannot say for certain that the GFL is the pooper of the party because quite simply, the data available to me is dwarfed by my softer resonance tools. In the pub, the term “bullshit meter” would apply.

I am given to understand that absolute data, or total recall, is to be available to all the people along the way. I have some awareness of reptilian ways, having some presentation of this in my own psyche. So what if the false flag from the sky gets run before the people before the total recall comes to mind? As an IT guy, I learned to anticipate problem scenarios for the sake of enterprise protection. So, clearly to me, I am backing up and taking a look in service to the enterprise of ascension for the sake of the people. Can this suspicion scenario be wrong? Maybe. We will see.

So, what is it about Sheldon Nidle’s GFL that has my meter pegged in the red? I am not going to extend this piece by quoting and analyzing. Rather, I refer your attention to the following web site links. I will be simply calling out some magic words and sharing my thoughts about them.
Planetary Activation Organization: Peace and Inner Strength Through Unity
Questions and Answers
Sheldon Nidle Updates

There is much in the material presented that rings true! I get that. Given the AC attitude for this organization, I suspect the umbrella claims about work being done is a false ownership of work done by others in the broad use of “we”. As an initiated man, I strongly prefer ownership addressed from a first person perspective. I can say “we” about any group, including myself and claiming the energy of others efforts. I think GFL is claiming the service of AC as its own.

“We are your ascended masters”. I used to have some esteem for those who did the work and left the planet whole and free, or seemed to. This is an old paradigm perception. It still can work if I identify myself as the dumbed-down, perversely suppressed individual in 3D as it played out in the past. In truth as it is, existential mastery appears to me to be a usurpation of power, a false hierarchy. I totally know my connection to Source, or the Universe Creator, no religion involved, is direct. In my BEing and DOing, surely much is yet to be explored on the way home. I ask for what I want, and that may include mentoring. There is no need for the disrespect of any being claiming mastery over my deathless state of BEing!

Ascension is a natural process. I feel lined up with George Kavassilas on this. His meter is pegging red also, and warns effectively to pay attention! See So the GFL have ascension chambers. Like the Egyption pyramid? crystal chambers inside the hollow Earth? I suspect that those who buy into this may wind up in the belly of a biosphere either in a soporific blue-pill matrix, or in a pain amplifier. I do not know the consequences for individuals only recently exposed to the galactic power games making such a choice. The idea of village idiots in the stocks gives me a sad feeling. Is a choice a free-will-choice if misled with a sugar cookie?

A nice temple in the new 4D in which to bend knee to Lord so-and-so? Are you kidding? Are we back in Babylon again? Energy harvesting. In my initiated world, there is a process for clearing charges with individuals, owning the projection of an internal trigger from a past-focused thought form. A charge can be this shadow thing, or it may appear as golden – over the top adoration. I withdraw such projections and let BE. So be it!

The tone of the language Sheldon brings is sugary and seductive. I trigger from the social experience of church groups and others that invite and welcome, then categorize and regiment and dominate, oft with the threat of rejection and abandonment if one steps out of compliance. I have no use for the unworthiness this implies and enforces. The tone offers help rather than assistance. It suggest I do not have to do my own work, but simple accept the direction of others over me. Awww, come and have a cookie. In a universe wherein (the Matrix movies) a program gets delivered by candy or cake, one is advised dietary caution!

The AC states it awaits the playing out of the false-flag ET disclosure, after which they will visit directly, in the suburbs, the people. I love this! I judge it is the right and truthful way.

This is all that I want to do with this at this time. I am complete in this process trusting my thoughts here shared call only for responsible BEing and cause harm to no state of BEing.

In service, in honor, without prejudice, I bless all here.

Reason and Logic – Authority and Truth

In my life, I observe, in my visionary capacity, a glass ceiling above which was somehow put God and all things God, and MONEY! Authority in the world of men on earth has flowed from there. Unquestioned authority masquerading as truth, often enforced with might and starvation.

The time for this is over! That ceiling is eliminated! I inquire, along all the axes of the mundi, with reason that remembers the initial questions. Who and what am I? What is this that surrounds me in my inner and outer perception? What is this perception all about? Men have learned that perception is driven by projection. Do I own my participation in creating my reality? Logic is inadequate. Logic begins in a box. Logic is useful, knowing that it forgets the initial questions and hypotheses. Logic is a schematic tool, building a projection in a box.

This is the day in which all authority is questioned. All hearts have access to resonance tools for discernment. Reason begins and ends in the heart. It is not an intellectual exercise. It is a dialogue with BEing!

Physics has become a mess. Attempting to mathematically patch and patch and patch, forgetting that science in a box can NEVER be unified. Authority would seem to make a man safe, or justify his actions. The unification is at hand. I am thinking men of good heart would want the opportunity to welcome this.

People do work. The entire universe evolves. It is all alive! How does that notion fit in the old box!

There has been deception over man for a very long time. The depth and compexity of it is astonishing. Men have worked for decades to bring truth from behind the ceiling and the cloak.

People tend to believe, forgetting the inquiry, abandoning reason, and calling logic reason. Reasoning from authority is not reason at all.

A useful example is the recent fundamental shift in the financial systems of the planet. I have published some words to invite attention. A succinct summary article is below. What reaction does a man have to this announcement? Does it need to come from an authority like Obama? The mentioned trust is a tool, and has accomplished its mission in the universe, multi-dimensionally. It stands in law, unrebutted. Unrebutted, it stands in law.

I know without doubt I am a multidimensional creature, not this bag of bones with an onboard computer and appetites.

Coming up is a gathering of men. The circle is intended to discuss bridges and bridging. I offer you to enjoy attending to the bridge that is 2013 and all that is unfolding. In my judgement, awakening is best shared and celebrated. Sanguine belief is not sought by me nor recommended. Make up your own mind! Then let it go and resonate with the heart that connects directly, without intervening authority, to the eternal heart of the universe creator.

So, read this short piece. What feelings arise? The links will take any man to the filings for first hand reading. This is a done deal. A fact. Logic suggests there are consequences, and indeed, my sources report much scurrying in all levels of the authorities that were. I call it good. The enslavement is ended!

I call this a system reset that brings the world to the republic of sovereign individuals with a governance that exists only to serve the people. I judge any awake initiated man would celebrate this when understood.


I extend this in brotherhood, in service, in honour, without prejudice.